3 Fundamentals of Web Design for Small Business Owners

3 Fundamentals of Web Design for Small Business Owners.png

The Key Elements of Web Design for Small Business Owners

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing."
Paul Ryan

What makes a small business website effective?

Many small business owners have concerns about their current company website and wish to upgrade it. They want to ensure their company website works effectively with the latest technology – to attract customers, convert prospects and deliver a positive and engaging user experience.

Yet, beginning a new web project can be a daunting process. Every week it seems that technology is advancing at a record pace.

Fortunately, there are a few key fundamentals when it comes to small business web design that can help you get a great website, meet your business goals and stay on budget.

Read on to discover our top 3 fundamentals of website design for small business owners.

Build For Multiple Platforms

Some business owners spend considerable time making sure that their website looks incredible on their computer monitor.

The problem here is that many people no longer use their desktop computer to browse the web. In fact, these days a majority of people use mobile devices and tablets to visit websites, with screens much smaller than the traditional desktop monitor.

When it comes to a high performing small business web design, build your website to work effectively on all types of mobile devices - or risk losing potential sales. Visitors want to visit a website and easily navigate the pages in a clear and concise manner.

A responsive web design will ensure a quality user experience for your customers across all platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Learn more about responsive web design here.

The Right Code

It is recommended that your new website be built using both CSS3 and HTML5 languages. Used together they will dramatically improve the user experience. In layman’s terms, the HTML5 is similar to the frame and foundation of a home, whereas the CSS3 is the unique details like furniture, paint, landscaping, and structural design. When you are in the initial stages of your small business web design, be sure to incorporate both languages.

The Content Management System

The CMS – or Content Management System - is a key component of your website that will make your life much easier - as you develop, update and add new content to your website over time.

The CMS will simplify all your website management tasks. This tool is worth its weight in gold. With a good content management system you will never have to worry about managing your website again.

Learn more about CMS here.

Ensure that your website is built right from the ground up, and features the right tools. This will leave you time to focus on growing your brand and increasing your traffic.

Is your website delivering results to your business?

Roundhouse has been providing world class, affordable web solutions to small business for over 12 years. We understand how an effective website can help to grow your business and boost your profitability. We can help you maximise your opportunities online.

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