​ 5 Keys to Successful Marketing with Catalogues

Catalogue Marketing Best Practices

Catalogues are an ever popular promotional tool. 

Businesses use catalogues to showcase their products, services and sales. For many companies, catalogue marketing is a key sales initiative. In our digital age, catalogues continue to provide an effective way to present information to customers when they are offline. 

Offline marketing offers many benefits. It is an opportunity to communicate with your audience when they are not using their computer, tablet or mobile. People trust offline advertisement more readily. Companies such as Yahoo and Google continue to invest millions of dollars each year in offline marketing strategies.

Catalogues offer a convenient format  in which to present your branded information in a visually enticing way.  They are useful to enhance other print initiatives such as flyers and postcards. Catalogues have a longer 'life span' than most other forms of print marketing. A well designed catalogue will be retained by your customers and prospects, who continue to browse and refer to it over time. Keep your products and services in front of your audience for longer with catalogue marketing.

Our 5 Top Tips for a Successful Catalogue Campaign

1. Design for Your Target Market

A sales catalogue begins with a clear concept and goal.

The best catalogue design will always be highly targeted to your audience. Deliver a catalogue that your customers will find both informative and enjoyable to read. Create buyer interest with eye catching and well branded graphic design. Showcase your products or services as useful, valuable and popular. Add value to your catalogue with QR Codes. Advertise your social media channels prominently.

Why not gain additional insights into your target market with surveys and feedback forms? Understand your target market - who they are; when, where and what they buy. Boost sales with a custom designed catalogue that is highly relevant to their needs and aspirations.

2. Highlight Your Most Popular Sellers

Be strategic in choosing the right products to promote.

Make your popular sellers highly visible. 

Your catalogue should be strategically designed to feature the products your target market is most likely to buy. Carefully review which products or information is best  to feature on the cover, first page and back cover in particular. Try to make every 'post a winner'. Consider layout, image size, feature lists, pricing and information from the buyers' point of view. 

Fine tune the layout to ensure a catalogue design that converts interest into sales.

3. Make for Special Interest

Focus more attention on key items.

Use your catalogue layout to create special interest around one or two specific products or special offers. Focus the catalogue design on emphasising these specials with additional graphic and layout elements. Provide additional information and highlight pricing.

Help your catalogue audience easily learn about a specific offer and motivate them to buy.

4. Market your Catalogue

A well designed catalogue is just the beginning. The next step is ensuring your customers and prospects get a copy. 

Some ideas for distribution include:

  • mail outs of catalogues to your subscribers
  • email a pdf of your catalogue in your email marketing campaign
  • display catalogues instore
  • include catalogues with every sale
  • feature your catalogue for download or viewing on your website
  • include special offers and coupons
  • promote your catalogue with social media 
  • integrate a Facebook competition or similar

Make sure you remind your customers about limited time offers, free shipping if applicable and new products. Drive sales and save money with innovative distribution ideas that make use of online media.

5. Review Performance

Take the time to analyse the performance and ROI of your catalogue. Continue to gain insights into your audience. Use this information to fine tune your next catalogue for an even better result next time. 

Catalogues are popular. They are great for product or service range to a large market. Catalogues are great as part of a traditional media campaign - yet online catalogue distribution broadens reach without great additional cost. 

Boost your business with a well designed catalogue today!

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