10 Fantastic Flash Websites with Great Sound Design

by Saul Edmonds

Despite the SJF (Steve Jobs Factor), Flash remains an incredible medium for media rich expression. There is plenty of amazing work out there that utilizes Flash despite a lack of support on iPhone and iPad. Remember : it is still recommended to include Flash options when developing web media content (as a fallback for the vast number of people whose browsers cannot use HTML5 yet).

In the lead-up to the release of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch stated they will deliver Flash “to smartphones for all but one of the top manufacturers.

From August 17 2010, Flash Player 10.1 is available for download on the Android Market for Google Nexus One phones. Among the mobile operating systems that should receive support for Flash in the near future are BlackBerry, MeeGo and LiMo, as well as future version of Windows Phone 7. A wide range of new mobile phones should arrive with full Flash pre-installed on them.

And so, without further ado, please find below 10 beautiful Flash sites that utilize audio in innovative and inspired ways.

We intend to make this and similiar lists a regular feature. If you have seen any flash sites with great audio - let us know.We love creative stuff.

ps. our original flash site for the sound / music component of what we do isn’t too bad either

by Saul Edmonds