3 daily routines to get your music out there

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  • The creation of music is a tough road.
  • The promotion of music is a tough road.
  • Where do inspiration and enterprise meet?
  • Amid the chaos of opportunity best walk a steady path.

Routine, like music - is an acquired skill. Through the establishment of daily ritual / routine, we define ourselves and creative practice. Getting your music out there (and the selfless art of promotion) - is a series of skills based in simple everyday rhythms : at the heart of which is a belief in self, process and result.

1. Mantra

A maxim / a moment / a loaded cliche.

Mind over matter is where mind matters most.

A mantra is a way to focus the mind. It consists of 3 - 5 motivational word tag-line. ‘Just do it’ is the well known Nike example, another : ‘art is my life/ my life is art’ by Yoko Ono. A mantra is more than mere slogan - it is the expression of an ideal and action in direct terms. Power is achieved through investment in repetition and belief as the mantra itself is repeated thousands of times over.

In productivity terms, a mantra is a best practice tool. Find your words. Believe them.

Our Roundhouse mantra is simply ‘do’. It relates both to the act of ‘do’ (do / doing / done) and the korean ‘do’ (‘the way’ / ‘the art’ / ‘the path’). Every done needs a do.

2. A Strategy of Small Steps

Many pixels make a picture.

Big projects can make for big problems. A certain clarity and relief is found in resolving the small. Start small. Stay small. Focus / design - one step at a time.

small steps + everyday = big results

 ‘It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.’ (Confucius)

To effectively get your music out there, think of the big picture, your ultimate dream. Define this further by analysis of component parts - what are the specific elements of your vision? Further de-construct these into simple tasks to be performed on a daily basis. Tick the boxes one by one.

3. Branding is Vital

Effective branding = a consistent message.

As a designer / musician - we must address the issue of self promotion, be it to find an audience or get work. Successful branding is the distillation of who / how / what you are - to a simple compound essence. It is the alchemy of presentation, image and content.

How to use branding for promotion.

Find your core message. Build this message into everything you do. This includes graphical presentation but extends to promotion and action. Everything should align to your core message and communicate this clearly to your target audience. Make it easy for them to know you.

As Bruce Lee said :‘The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

What are your thoughts: is a strategy of small steps useful? Can a mantra make it work?

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