The Ultimate System for Music Productivity

by Saul Edmonds
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Making Time to Make Music or How to ‘Do’

Writing music is a hard task. Creative practice is a discipline. All good work takes time. But when time is an increasingly scare commodity, we need to develop support systems that best maintain workflow and get the job done.

The ultimate system for music productivity is that system which gives you space to create. This space is a place of freedom (from distraction). Here, great things happen.

The Art of Introversion

It takes work to make work. Creative work is oftentimes an antisocial pursuit - being the exclusive exchange between artist and medium. Yet, it is through the product of this exchange (work) that  the musician /artist is able to communicate with others in an authentic way.

We are defined by our use of time. As musicians, we are defined by the music we make.

  • A creative must create.
  • And then create more.
  • The art of making time.
  • We must strive to delight in the process, as the spoils of war belong to others.
  • Art / music is made for the world and its people.

Eco-flow. A sustainable way to work.

Eco flow is the organic movement of action and idea. It is the timely space within a creative intention.It carries the notion of engaging meaningfully in work where attention is focused on both creative process and outcome. Productivity is best achieved by sustainable means.

The best productivity system is a simple strategy to serve your eco-flow.

1. The Upshot - outcome/ endpoint/ endgame. Define your target. What is the goal? : perhaps -finish the song / finish the mix/ design the artwork ect. Be specific (very). What is the timeframe?

2. Break it Down - Each work is inevitably defined by the successful completion of small tasks that make the whole. Make lists. Be systematic. Keep it simple. I find ongoing value in the ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ idea.

3. Feedback - Check your progress. Draw a straight line from your actions to the upshot. Self review - have you moved forward? Refresh the page / system. Empty the trash.

Any productivity system forces the user to become more self-aware - and that’s a good thing.

As musicians we must align our dreams within the complexities of daily life if we are to succeed. ‘The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.’  (Emile Zola)

How do you make time in your life to be your creative best?

by Saul Edmonds