4 Ways To Deliver Great Content to Your Audience

by Saul Edmonds

How to Infuse Your Content with Value

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
Albert Einstein

The Drive To Create Great Content

More business owners are discovering the benefits of content marketing.

The key to an effective content marketing strategy is fresh content - that is specifically relevant to your niche audience.

When formulating a content marketing strategy, a useful starting point is to define key problems that concern your customers. The next step is to publish regular content that delivers solutions to this problem, with links to your website.

A winning content marketing campaign will incorporate authenticity and usefulness, relevancy, and inspire action.

To make the most of your content marketing initiatives,  learn more below.

1. Be Authentic

Each year, consumers are becoming more informed.

People research wide ranging topics with the simple click of a mouse.

Content marketing is a means by which to educate your audience. Let your customers, prospects and industry associates learn more about you, your brand message and your business. Content marketing is a cost effective way to showcase expertise and provide genuine assistance on a consistent basis. There is also the opportunity to become an authority within your industry. This will give you long term credibility while earning the trust and respect of your readers.

2. Be Useful

Discover the benefits of a two way conversation.

Traditional advertising is one way only - communications go from the company to the reader - and end there. Content marketing via social media welcomes customer participation. Get your customer interacting by way of hashtags - to give you feedback and connect with you on more direct level. If you are not setting up your business to listen closely to your followers, you may be left behind in the near future.

If you can anticipate the needs of your audience - and empathise with them while providing cost effective solutions - you have a much better chance of winning new leads. 

3. Be Relevant

Technology has empowered your audience.  

Information is shared at lightening fast speeds.

By the time the information hits the social media waves, it is already yesterdays' news.

If your social media & web content is not fresh & relevant, your buyers may look elsewhere.

Before launching your content marketing initiatives, take the time to include a flexible content strategy which enables you to take advantage of the top industry topics in your niche. Follow relevant hashtags and make a personal commitment to stay informed. Incorporate this information into your content development to ensure your customers stay abreast of latest industry developments.

4. Inspire Action

If you invest in the creation of an infographic or video that is tailored to the needs of your audience - don't make the mistake of many content marketers and stop there.

Make sure that you provide your audience with simple and easy ways to share that information and connect more with you. Whether it is retweeting your content, liking your posts, commenting on it, or referring it to their inner circle - ensure that all popular social sharing buttons are prominently integrated into your content. 

Find creative ways to keep your audience engaged. Win over competitors' clients with useful information. Watch for any opportunity to get your customers involved on your pages. Provide announcements of new releases, links to free videos or e-books, or ask them to sign up for a free webinar you are hosting.

If you can stay one step ahead of your competition, you can acquire the lion's share of the market.

A dedicated content strategy will help your company stand out in a crowded marketplace.


At Roundhouse, we understand how a cost effective content marketing solution can add significant value to your bottom line. Encourage your customers to learn more about you, your brand and how your business can provide genuine assistance to them. If you want to learn more about how to include tailored content publishing within your marketing strategy, please call us for an informal chat.

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