7 Ways to Get More Creative with Your Business

7 Ways to Get More Creative & Overcome Creative Roadblocks

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
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Taking Care of Creative Business

Everyone has encountered some form of creative block at one time or another.

Whether you are writing an article, designing a logo, creating an app or similar - most people eventually encounter a point where they simply get stuck.

Every creative professional has encountered this before, however, it doesn't mean that you have to put a halt to your work progress.

Here are 7 creative tips for stepping over creative roadblocks and growing your business.

1. Seeking Inspiration

Many things in life are contagious.

The same can be said for creativity. Assemble a vision board or connect with a group of upbeat individuals to support your inspiration and creative goals. 

2. Revisiting the Project Goals

If you are unsure about the path in front of you, remind yourself of overall project goals. Identify what caused the road bump in creative productivity - recognise it and move on. Stay focused on key creative objectives - and the core goal - rather than the distraction of small breaks in the action.

3. Changing Locations

Distance can have a significant impact on your creativity if you understand how to effectively use it. Take a minute and walk away from your work area. Change your outlook. Move your desk so you are facing a window, or take a trip in the car to a place where you can get out and just let nature soothe your soul. The change in scenery will have a great impact on your creativity and allow you to jump right back in with a refreshed approach.

4. Talking With Others

Ask for feedback from trusted associates and friends. Insightful feedback can work to inspire you to adopt a new approach or direction. This can yield incredible results. Regularly seek the input of others. Feedback is often the spark you need to take a project to the next level.

5. Take That Needed Break

If you have been working on a project for some time with a deadline approaching - your personal creativity may become compromised.  If so, take a short break.  Strive to rediscover the excitement your experienced when the project was new. Take the time to sit down and recharge your battery before resuming work. Refocus your thoughts - and reenergise creatively.

A genuinely creative methodology requires ongoing dedication and commitment.

6. Getting That Boost of Caffeine

Caffeine has some pretty amazing powers when it comes to boosting creativity.

It can actually improve short term memory and help with decision making too. Grab a tea or coffee and sit back for a few minutes before resuming work. A caffeine kick could be just the trick to get yourself back on track.

7. Starting From Scratch

The creative process is built on experimentation and discovery. It is also one of continual improvement and refinement.

In the search for a creative resolution - sometimes - there is no other option. You just have to start again.

If your first attempt was not creatively successful - do not worry! Start down a new road. Many times this new path can lead to hitherto undreamt of outcomes that exceed earlier visions.

It might seen hard to start over. Take what you learnt during the first round of work - and continue your creative work, knowing you are closer to a successful result.


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