4 Top Ways to Get Your Customers to Open Emails

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Email Opening Rates

Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.
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Easy Ways to Get More Customers To Open Your Emails

In order to be successful with email marketing, your subscribers have to open those messages.

If your audience is not opening your emails - they aren't taking action.

This means they are not clicking through to your website and making purchases either.

How can you possibly keep your audience excited about opening up your email messages on a regular basis?

Here are 4 successful techniques that will help the buyer to be more receptive to your email messages:

1. Solving a Big Problem

If you found out that a newsletter had information in it that would solve a problem that you had, you would certainly subscribe to that mailing list. If the sender of that email set up those expectations and then delivered on the goods, you would open more of those messages as they arrived.

This is precisely what your company needs to do in order to get more subscribers to open the emails.

Use your email message to provide a solution to a specific problem that is relevant to your niche audience. An email marketing strategy that is dedicated to providing solutions will experience higher open rates.

2. Save Customers Money

Use key words to indicate savings or discount offers. People are always interested in messages that help them to save money.

Sales events and discount codes offer your customers opportunities to get the items or services that they need at a deep discount. That means more money in their pocket, so they open the email to learn more. If your email message talks about savings, you have a better chance of it getting opened.

3. Make Your Customer Smarter

Your customers are constantly learning every day. They welcome any information that will help them understand more.

If your email message showcases how investing a few minutes of time will deliver real benefit in the future - they will take the time to read your message.

Many people are genuinely searching for ways to increase their skills each day, reading publications, newsletters, and taking online courses. Giving your customers some unique tips on how to improve key areas of business will certainly improve your open rates.

Rather than using email as a platform for selling, aim to convince your readers that your information will provide them with the opportunity to gain insight into key areas. Stop trying to sell and focus more on trying to inform your subscribers.

4. Entertaining Your Audience

Consider mixing things up by adding the element of fun into your email messages.

This helps to put a face on your business, and it also mixes things up with your emails.

Rather than sending one email after another with sales related products, put some entertainment in the message. You will come to find that the emails that get the most clicks and shares are the ones that offer the most entertainment. 

Making Email Work For You

Craft your email messages to deliver a unique combination of savings and entertainment for your subscribers. Mix things up and keep the content fresh.

Take the time to rethink your email marketing plan and strive to deliver quality emails that consistently deliver value. Your subscribers will welcome the change immediately. You will notice more of your content gets shared and that a new fan base starts to grow.


At Roundhouse, we know that email marketing is a proven way to boost sales. It provides an easy and cost effective way for you to keep in touch with customers - and enables your company to be 'top of mind' when next they come to buy. A branded email marketing campaign delivers a consistent ROI. If you want to learn more about adding email to your marketing strategy, please get in touch for a chat.

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