7 Top Ways to Generate Leads Quickly

7 Strategic Ways to Generate Leads Faster

Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!
P. T. Barnum

How to Get New Leads Fast

As the day comes to an end, you may look back and realise this week that you worked to connect with all your contacts on social media, you have mailed out your flyers, you have sent a newsletter to all your email contacts - yet new business leads have not increased.

Those leads you were hoping to generate are just not materialising, and you can not pinpoint where things are going wrong.

This is not the time to panic because there are plenty of other effective ways to generate quality leads.

Here are 7 amazing ways to generate those leads quickly:

1. Create an E-Book

Creating an e-book is easier that you think. It really is just a series of many articles in one group, so write a new article each day and put it all together when done.

Now you can put it on Amazon for sale, however, the way to get leads is to offer it for free.

Let people know you have a way to solve their problem - all they need to do is sign up for your newsletter to receive this information for free. Capture those leads off a landing page before you give away the book, Now you will have a fresh list of leads everyday. 

2. The Newsletter

One of the easiest ways to generate leads is via an email newsletter.

Put a sign up for the newsletter everywhere you can think of. Put it on your website, social profiles, email signatures, and any printed materials you send out. Now once you get new names, you have a captive audience with whom you can connect on a regular basis.

3. The Blog

Your blog should be a direct extension of your website - it is a great resource for gathering fresh leads.

The sign up section within the blog will help to capture leads, while the blog itself promotes all the latest services and products you have. A blog is a great way to grow your leads because the search engines simply love them. With fresh content being added all the time, they usually get placed very high in the organic search results for popular keywords. 

4. The Power of Twitter

The power of Twitter can not be understated.

You can generate high quality leads very quickly on Twitter with the help of popular hashtags. With hashtags, you jump in the middle of popular conversations, positioning your company as an industry leader. You have the ability to reach out to like minded individuals easily when they are part of the discussion.

5. Creating Compelling Videos

Take the time to create a video that stands out as a quality video on YouTube.

If your videos can be entertaining and informative, you can reach a global audience quickly. In addition to placing links in your videos that lead subscribers to your sign up box, you can place social media buttons that will allow the world to share your vision. If it becomes popular enough, you could see a flood of traffic to your blog in no time at all.

6. The Infographic

Infographics are a great way to connect with people visually.

People have shorter attention spans now that everything is happening around them at lightning fast speeds. Create an infographic that is short and sweet, informative and well branded with your company colours - to increase subscribers, grow brand awareness and expand your lead base.

7. Power behind Strong Branding

Ask a loyal customer what they love most about the places they shop, and you will hear that people want authentic companies more often than not.

When a company has a clear message that they live by, it makes it that much easier for the consumer to become emotionally invested.

While you can't be everything to everyone, you can be true to yourself. Stick with that philosophy, and your followers will find you. Those followers will be turned to loyal customers in just a short time because they can identify the fact that you are trying to be the best of your niche. Once your conversion rates increase, so will your leads.


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