6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

6 Great Ways to Keep Every Client Happy

The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works.
Jeff Bezos

Learn Why A Happy Client is A Priceless Asset To Your Business

When you own your own business, you have a long list of people that you have to keep happy each day.

That list goes on to include those clients and customers that are actually responsible for making your business successful.

Not only is your business dependent on those customers for revenue, your company enjoys those feelings of accomplishment from helping a client with their needs to grow their business as well.

That being said, there are plenty of ways that you can keep those clients happy. Here are just the top 6 to help you on your way.

1. Paying Close Attention

In order to keep your customers happy you have to be able to anticipate their needs.

You should already know their expectations and pick up on certain patterns or habits that they have. If your customer always places the same order at the same key times of the year, reach out to them before the order to let them know you are aware it is that time and you want to be sure to service all their needs in case anything has changed. If you can reach out to a customer before they ask a certain question, you give them that feeling of confidence that they are working with the right company for the long haul.

2. Anticipate Your Client's Day

Take the time to understand how the day unfolds for your client.

Depending on the stresses of the job they have, be sympathetic to their situation and try to remember that during your correspondence with them. If you already know that Wednesday is a really busy day for them, don't send them many emails on a Wednesday and get anxious when they don't reply. Save those pressing issues for Thursday when you know they will be more receptive to discussion. 

3. Talk to the Boss

Identify the key stakeholders in your client's business. This will ensure you connect with the decision makers - and build a stronger relationship to the company.

Make time to reach out to the manager, boss or supervisor. Do this in a way where you simply seek to introduce yourself - when you know the manager is available. If you can discover what makes the manager tick, you can meet the needs of the business more effectively.

4. Staying Ahead of the Curve

If you know that chaos is on the horizon, plan for it well in advance.

When you can plan for certain events to unfold, you lessen the need to panic when the situation arrives. This is a great opportunity for your company to come up with creative or strategic solutions to eliminate this problem in the future.

Be the initiator of the positive change and your company is more reliable in the future.

5. Owning Your Mistakes

If you make a mistake, take ownership of it immediately, not tomorrow or next week.

If you are responsible for something going wrong, call and apologize today and make it right even faster. This is not the time to play the blame game, take accountability and realise that even the best plans sometimes do not materialise the way they were thought to. Your client will appreciate your honesty and willingness to correct the error. That really can go a long way towards keeping your client happy in the future.

6. Meeting Then Exceeding Expectations

Your client expects you to deliver on your promises, but - it is when you exceed those promises that you really make the client happy.

By doing more than the client expected, you raise the bar and make it difficult for the client to consider ever working with anyone else. The only way you can gain trust and grow business relations is by giving way more in your promises that you collect in revenue.

Try to step outside the box when it comes to meeting your customers needs. When your company begins to think beyond the role they were assigned, they become the true leaders in your industry. 

Take the time to consider the needs and goals of your client before they bring them to you. Many times you can win favour with the manager just by being willing to jump higher than any other company in your niche.


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