6 Ways to Increase Sales with Landing Page Optimisation

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Landing Pages for Conversion

"Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it." (Drake)

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page designed to motivate action. 

An effective landing page must be highly targeted to customers and prospects. It is the page that visitors will first view when entering your site from a specific link (usually part of a promotional campaign).

anding pages are especially useful for growing your email marketing opt-in list. A landing page will provide a simple form to gain visitor details. It is a tool to build leads. 

Strategic Landing Pages

Use landing pages as part of a strategy to grow your email marketing subscription base. Expanding your email marketing list gives you the opportunity to broaden your reach while broadcasting useful information.  

Your landing pages should be designed to motivate action and offer real value. Successful landing pages frequently offer a complimentary product trial or demonstration, free ebooks or other downloads, access to information via webinars and more. Use your creativity to develop innovative ideas that will be attractive to your target audience.

Landing Pages for Benefit

The goal of your landing page is to engage with a potential lead for mutual benefit. 

Offer value - presented clearly via your landing page - and in return the prospect provides an email address (by which to receive the offer). Visitors typically subscribe to an opt-in email marketing list whereby they receive ongoing value with email updates and support.

Email marketing provides an ongoing opportunity to turn site visitors into leads over time. Maximise email marketing with targeted landing pages.

Landing Pages for Conversion

The process of fine tuning your landing page to boost results is known as Conversion Optimisation.

Conversion Optimisation requires ongoing review and assessment - a 'how could this be even better?' mindset. It is the most effective, low cost and 'back to basics' strategy used to improve sales.

6 Ways to Increase Sales with Landing Page Optimisation

Read on for our top tips to maximise your landing page effectiveness.

1. Brand your Landing

Ensure that your landing page is well branded. Styling should be consistent with your your website and print collaterals. Make a visual statement with a simple yet effective layout. Include your logo or other brand marks for maximum impact.

2. Clarity in Headlines

A clear headline requires both good copy and efficient design. 

A quality headline will be concise, remain 'on brand' and be highly motivating. Make your offer immediately known to visitors and state the benefits. Include customer testimonials (with photos if possible). Ensure the design is attractive, easy to read and well branded.

By offering genuine value you create a great reason for people to sign up.

3. Focus on your Offer

Keep the focus on your single goal : to establish new leads by expanding your email marketing database. Promote your offer. Make it easy to 'sign up'. Reduce clutter and barriers to conversion while keeping your format simple and well designed. Avoid external links and ancillary information.

4. Make it Social

Include links to your social platforms to encourage sharing. Tweet your offer regularly to your twitter followers. Utilise your social channels to make your offer known. Broadcast benefits, testimonials and reviews.

5. Keep Your Form Simple

Design your landing page form to suit your target audience. Most people prefer to enter as few details as possible. Limit compulsory fields to name and email details. Automate a 'thank you' email upon subscription. A thankyou email is an additional opportunity to offer information and value.

6. A/B Split Testing for Best Results

Split test your landing page design and layout. Monitor results. Determine what works best based on results. Continue to optimise your landing pages throughout your campaign to boost conversion.

A well designed landing page can boost conversion ratios by 50%. Include landing pages with targeted offers in your next outreach campaign.

Have you considered boosting conversion rates with a branded landing page?

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