How to Boost Revenue with a Great Point of Sale

Enhance Point of Sale for Higher Conversions

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"Courtrooms contain every symbol of authority that a set designer could imagine. Everyone stands up when you come in. You wear a costume identifying you as, if not quite divine, someone special." (Irving R Kaufman

What is Point of Sale?

Point of Sale (POS) is the exact location where a sale transaction occurs. It is the point where goods are sold. POS typically refers to an 'in store', physical location - although POS principals may be applied online as well. Carefully consider your POS to ensure it supports your sales process. Use your brand to build your reputation at the POS.

Include Point of Sale (POS) in your Sales Campaign

It is interesting to read the above quote about the set design and theatricality of the courtroom. Over the centuries courtroom has been fine tuned for visual impact. 

Similarly, sales can be enhanced with a creative point of sale. This may be called the 'Theatre of the POS'. An understanding of how to utilise design in your store to invite and entice your customers to purchase will result in increased sales.

Use your environment for advantage. Nothing competes more effectively with online marketing than the 'touch and feel' excitement of a great offline experience. Colour, brand and visual merchandising should be thoughtfully used to build a connection with prospects and boost conversion.

POS Tactics

A effective Point of Sale strategy begins with a strong brand. The POS should reflect your brand and integrate with your print collaterals, social channels and website design. Online and offline merchandising must be visually consistent. Create a compelling story that proactively resonates with your target audience.

A Point of Sale strategy should provide flexibility to tailor the campaign on a daily basis. The brand message needs to remain fresh and responsive to customers.

POS Design

Point of Sale design is about creating a 'wow' factor that can be extended or repurposed on the fly. POS is at the coal face.

POS is where the sale meets the consumer. What works well today - may need a quick and clever revision - to work again tomorrow. 

Point of Sale concepts become most effective when they have a short life span and remain fresh. Print collaterals are a key ingredient in an effective POS strategy. Brochures, catalogues and business cards should always be prominently featured at the point of sale. Print advertising serves to strengthen the brand, enhance customer loyalty and boost future sales. Extend your print campaign into your Point of Sale for maximum effectiveness.

Proactive Point of Sale

Creating effective POS is a constant challenge. It requires attention to detail, an understanding of the target audience and a proactive approach to branding. In our digital age, the Point of Sale remain as relevant as ever. Ge the details right and enjoy the benefits - where more prospects convert into ongoing customers.

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