Brand Identity for Business

by Saul Edmonds

An Introduction to Brand Identity

“So sure, start with a slogan. But don't bother wasting any time on it if you're merely going for catchy. Aim for true instead.” 
Seth Godin

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the visual expression of a company. It includes logo design, visual symbols, trademarks and other communication elements.

Brand identity can be defined as the sum concepts expressed visually by a brand. It is the visual extension of a brand.

Brand identity must communicate exactly what a brand is about - clearly and consistently - across diverse media. It should speak directly to the target audience and actively promote engagement. It effectively represents the culture, personality, market position and ideology of the brand itself.

Brand Identity and Visual Presentation

Brand perception is strongly related to visual presentation. How a brand is actively perceived ('identified') by customers and prospects relies heavily on design elements that communicate effectively. People are strongly influenced by visuals.

An effective visual identity is formed when logo, fonts, colours and style combine to create distinction. A consistent brand identity that achieves high relevancy with a target audience is key to sustained growth in a crowded marketplace.

Brand Identity and Logo

Logo design sets the foundation for effective brand identity development. A logo is sometimes referred to as a 'brand mark'.

A logo is a graphical symbol designed to represent the brand, service or product. A successful logo design creates impact. It is functional, memorable and imbued with brand message. It must serve effectively across a variety of media, both online and offline.

Colour remains a key element of brand identity. Choose colour to accentuate point of difference with competitors.

Brand Identity and Concept Design

Brand identity extends beyond the logo to include all visuals elements used in communication and strategic campaigns. Symbols and characters used in addition to the logo help to define the brand amongst consumers. Examples of this include Nike's swoosh. Symbols reinforce brand identity and extend relevance. They present strong visual images that are easier to remember than product names.

Use Brand Identity to Express Yourself

Express your brand to the world with a clear brand identity.

A brand identity communicates the 'whole'. This includes brand mission, promise, advantages and unique points of difference. A successful brand identity promotes brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and motivates employees to proactively represent company ideals.

Grow your business with a well designed brand identity.

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