App Addiction and iOS4

by Saul Edmonds
app addiction-web.jpg

‘Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.’ (Carl Jung, 1875-1961)

Few new iPhone owners escape the lure of the Appstore. With it’s intoxicating and heady mix of free apps, new apps and bargain apps (both useful and useless) - the promise is but seldom fulfilled come grey morning. Beyond the hope and hype, only a handful of Apps survive to become truly useful tools of choice.

Most iPhone users have deleted more apps than they have kept. Over time, spare dollars spent upon apps largely deleted can become a surprisingly significant sum. Lost money is something few can afford.

Of course, iOS4 offers folders which purpose to reduce onscreen clutter. Keep in mind that any folder is limited to a maximum of 12 apps. Multiple folder are an option - yet any system suffers fragmentation if two many choices are available. Best assemble a selection of your top apps and focus upon these. Forget / delete those apps that are used but rarely.

A further issue with too many apps is ‘update wait’. With scores of apps, a routine update on the app store may find your time held to ransom over 3G.

Design your System

We love apps and there are many great apps out there. Yet, it is important to remain considered and selective in your choices if you are to get the most from your iOS4 experience.

Happy apps!

by Saul Edmonds