Email and Un-Productivity

by Saul Edmonds
Email and unproductivity-web.jpg

‘Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.’


The successful management of texts / emails takes times. Yet when our devices form the centre of our business process, a conflict may emerge wherein our productivity, management and other relationships suffer.

Electronic communication can become a distraction.

Emails and texts are typically prioritised when beginning work each day.

A browsing experience can often begin with a slow perusal of new emails.

Time can become compromised as we caught by a rising tide of ‘urgent’ requests for our attention.

Some Tips to Get Control of your Email

- Establish a ‘no mail’ rule first thing in the morning. (No Easy Thing)

Focus instead on achieving a concrete work goal that sets the tone for a productive workday.

- Save time by restricting your email viewing to set times each day. Break the habit of constant checking.

- Reframe the nagging desire to be on top of everything at once. Use your time to order activities to suit yourself. Assert control and reap the rewards of greater productivity and achievement.

Electronic Communication should be viewed as a tool that requires both discipline and practice if it is to be a sword wielded wisely in our daily life.

by Saul Edmonds