App Review - Photo Sharing and Instagram

What is it?

Instagram is an iPhone app. A very popular one. Try over 1 million users adopting in just over 8 weeks. Yet beyond the hype, is Instagram the new photo sharing phenomenon we have been waiting for? Quite possibly (and it’s free). And this ‘next big thing’ is easy to use.

More things in Heaven and Earth

There is a lot within Instagram. Simply snap a photo (or use one from your iPhone gallery) and instantly share it on your social networks (including the burgeoning Instagram network). Genuine social integration to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FourSquare, and Tumblr makes photo sharing better and more practical than ever before. Yes.

It is easy to label it as a ‘me-too’ photography app for iPhone. Instagram is no second cousin Hipstamatic. The developers of Instagram genuinely understand social networking in a way no photography app ever has. Put simply, Instagram has very powerful sharing facilities that enable you to build an entire network around your photos.

Useful ?


Instagram understands the viral nature of the world we live in.

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