Get Motivated by Completed Tasks

by Saul Edmonds

‘I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.’ (Helen Keller)

  • A completed action.

  • A task well done.

  • Ticking every box (at least once).

Maslow’s Theory finds essential motivation to be purely a physiological one - we bear only the primal need for food, drink and sleep. The miscellany of smaller tasks with which we are confronted each day are apparently of less consequence (if you listen to Maslow).

However, for those of use struggling to find balance between the big dream and everyday life, it is the progress upon these smaller tasks that oftentimes proves difficult. Even the most resilient amongst us can become fatigued by the relentless soul-erosion of being very busy (yet getting nothing done). How do we keep the dream alive (and still finish the chores)?

  • A List in Time

  • Less Big.

  • Little bits

Procrastination is the monster behind the door.

The list is our weapon of choice.

Define your target/goals. Break into smaller components. Schedule in ‘the doing’. Ticking every box (at least once).

Find your Motivation Mode

Be realistic with yourself. Do you work best with 1 hour work-frames or 15 minute sessions? Build your plan to suit your attention span. Starting is good but staying is essential. Persist with your task - essentially by joining the dots. The bigger picture when viewed up close is made up of pixels. Progressive completion of the ‘little bits’ adds up to a lot.

One task at a time. Multitasking is so 1995. And don’t neglect to reward your achievement.

It is never easy but was always worth it.

by Saul Edmonds