4 Ways to Deliver More Benefit To Your Business Network

How To Deliver More Benefit to Your Network

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Are You Considered a Benefit to Your Network? 

One of the things you have to consider - is how to deliver value to your personal network.

If you are only networking to grab hold of as many referrals as possible without contributing in a positive way towards others, you will never succeed.

Now is the time to consider if you are delivering genuine benefit to your network, and here are a few ways to ensure that you do. 

1. Learning to Be a Giver

When it comes to a network, anything that you do that has a positive effect will in a sense touch everyone in the group.

If you take the time to attend a learning seminar that costs you a significant amount money and time, just realise that your entire network benefits from that knowledge. You should not be motivated to do things for yourself, but for the benefit of all. That way you not only strengthen the group as a whole, you encourage others to step up and bring everyone else up in the process.

When you add value to the network, the network will return the favor ten fold. 

2. Pay Attention to Those Red Flags

One of the reasons many networks fail is because people simply ignore obvious red flags when they present themselves.

Pay close attention to members of the group and you will easily be able to spot those sponges that are constantly taking from the group. These members do not ever contribute because they think they are guarding marketing secrets they can use to help grow their own business. These members never think of sharing information, and are never going to help grow the group.

If you are not currently giving more than you are receiving, make a proactive decision to share helpful and relevant information with those in your network.

3. Narrowing Your Focus

The networks that you are involved with should align with your business goals.

If you are expanding to other networks too fast that are not beneficial to your growth, you could be spreading yourself too thin.

It makes more sense to be in one group that is related to your field and be a top contributor than be in several different networks where you only contribute a small amount each time you attend. These meetings take effort, and spreading yourself too thin will not benefit you nor anyone in the group.

If you are not bringing your best effort to the table, don't expect others in that group to either. 

4. Giving to Receive

Take a minute and think about how many people are in your existing network.

If each of you made a commitment to increase your efforts to the group by 1% each time, the group would be the most successful group on the planet. That 1% begins to stack up on itself and in a short time you have members over delivering and expanding the core of the network. This will not happen unless you decide it is time to step up and give.

Watch what happens if you give to other members without expecting anything in return. They almost feel a sense of obligation to return the favour. Come from that place, and you become a true asset to the network.

Working with a great network is simply priceless.

Remember that this network is going to take time to grow and to maintain. If everyone in the group begins to focus on helping one another first, the entire group benefits on more levels than they will ever realise in just a very short amount of time.


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