Game Music and Sounds from 1980s

by Saul Edmonds

At Roundhouse, we have a penchant for retro gaming.

Check out some well known and some nearly forgotten music and sounds from video games of the 1980s.

1. Pacman

Namco’s classic arcade game.

The developer of the classic Pacman arcade game was Namco. Toshio Kai is responsible for the sound and music.

2. Space Invaders

The classic future shooter game.

Also check out the 80s video by ‘Player One’.

3. Frogger

So simple and yet strangely addictive.

4. Donkey Kong

This classic game is from 1981. Donkey Kong was the creation of Nintendo artist Shigeru Miyamoto. He designed the entire game himself including the music.

5. Tetris

This beloved puzzle video game was released in 1984.

6. Pong

Who hasn’t played this abstract tennis match? Good Sounds too.

7. Asteroids

Simple graphics and stressfully addictive gameplay.

8. Star Castle

Nice vector graphics but remember that success requires you to control your ship.

9. Simon

Simon is waiting for you.

10. Moon Patrol

Retro graphics and funky techno background music is a timeless combination.


by Saul Edmonds