Get Mobilized

by Saul Edmonds
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‘Every man is a creative cause of what happens, a primum mobile with an original movement.’

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

The mobile web is more important than ever. The popularity of social networking via mobile devices continues to surge. Mobile media consumption is on the rise.

Your audience is on their phone.

Any web development and branding strategy should be optimised for mobile web browsers. Companies should carefully invest in their mobile brands. Although application usage continues to steadily increase, internet via browser remains the most preferred method of mobile media access.

Smartphone and Social Networking

Consider the following:

Twitter mobile usage is up 347%

Facebook mobile usage is up 112% (comscore-mobile-stats)

Today, a ‘mobile ready’ website is essential. Failure to implement risks ignoring up to 30% of fans and followers.  

Get Mobile and Prosper

It is easy to get prepared for your mobile audience.

Firstly, detect mobile browsers via user agents then use PHP/ASP scripting to redirect the page. has some script examples. Secondly, direct their request to a different page - that is optimised for mobile usage. Use to create a free mobile web page.

Alternatively, your web developer can design a customised solution.

However you do it, meeting the mobile challenge is crucial for business today.

by Saul Edmonds