How To Encourage Your Website Visitors to Stay Longer

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Boost Sales by Encouraging Your Online Visitors to Stay

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."
- Walt Disney

Increase Customer Engagement 

If your website experiences a high bounce rate, or if your visitors are clicking the back button just seconds after they hit your homepage - it can be from a number of factors.

Here are a few ways to encourage your website visitors to stay longer and engage more with your website and brand online.

Try Adding a Compelling Video

If you have something important to say and it takes many thousands of words to say it, why not say it with video?

A professional video offers people an opportunity to engage more readily with your content.  A ‘user friendly’ video delivers key information to your target audience in a compelling and easy to digest format.

Creating a professional video today is surprisingly affordable. Video offers numerous advantages with regard to encouraging visitors to remain onsite.

People simply love video content. Consider including video content in your website and online marketing strategy to immediately boost engagement.

Break Up Your Text

Think about landing on an interesting website, only to find the content arranged in one giant paragraph without any page breaks or layout styling.

Look at your content from the eyes of your visitor. Make it easy for them to not only read, but to understand as well.

Each paragraph should have a maximum of five sentences. Try to incorporate an image in the text to break up all those words. Add bold and italic styling to your keywords so they jump off the page and stand out more.

Implement Internal Links

When visitors come to your website, they are looking for information.

This is the perfect opportunity to give them what they want while providing an opportunity to learn more.

For example, within your blog posts or other content - why not link some of your keywords to related information on your website?

Help your visitors to discover more about your company and services. Build ongoing engagement with your information and resources.

Without any internal links, your visitors may be reading your content and then simply leaving your website. To boost engagement, place a link within each paragraph (or at the end where appropriate) to other relevant content elsewhere on your website. 

Internal linking will lower your bounce rate significantly and increase time spent on your website.

Create Your Calls to Action

To really keep your website visitors engaged, all you really have to do is ask them to stay. Clear calls to action ensure you tell your visitor what to do next – phone your office, set an appointment, leave a comment, share your content, learn more.

Your website is about sharing relevant information with your target audience. Offer interesting and diverse content that includes video, articles, information and images. Actively encourage your visitors to contact you and get involved.

Check Your Stats

Finally, always check your website analytics to ensure that your website is technically optimised for viewing. You may find that your keywords are not relevant to content or that some pages are taking too long to load. Use that information to consistently improve your user’s experience.

Is your Website Engaging Your Audience?

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