Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency.png

10 Key Questions to Ask Your Web Design Agency

"Good design is the most important way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors." 
- Samsung CEO Yun Jong Yong

Web Design for Success

Your website is a key investment in your business success.

Before hiring a web design agency, take a little time to understand their strategy and approach to web design and development. Learn about how they will grow your audience online and enhance your business profitability long-term.

Aim to find a web design agency who is committed to your success long term.

Here are the top ten questions you should ask before choosing an agency before signing on the dotted line.

1. Can I See Samples of Your Work?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a web design agency. When you can see their portfolio of work, you will understand if they suited to you and your company. Take the time to visit some of these websites and test client usability and functionality first hand. Show your family, friends and co-workers examples of their work for feedback.

2. Can I Contact Your Previous Clients?

Contacting previous web design clients of an agency is another way useful to learn more about the company - from the customers’ point of view.

Talk with previous customers – and ask them for an honest appraisal of their experience. Was their web design experience a positive one? Would they recommend this agency to others? This will give you a better understanding of how the web design agency works with clients – and what you can expect.

3. Can You Show Me Your Favourite Websites?

Asking this question of a web design agency will provide additional insight regarding their overall approach and preferred design direction. The more examples you can see - of the types of websites they prefer - the more clearly you will visualise potential outcomes.

4. What Technologies Will You Be Using on My Website?

When it comes to technology, coding, cross platform compatibility and integrated functionalities - many new website owners are completely in the dark.

Good web design agencies will not only walk you through all the technology and processes they are going to employ - they will also take time to explain to you the pros and the cons of using each. That way you will at least have a clear understanding of all the options available.

5. Will My Website Be Optimised for SEO?

What good is a website if no one can find it?

Your web design agency should be able to give you a clear indication of what SEO techniques they will employ on your website. Optimising your website for search engines is one of the key components of a quality design, and should be something that your design team has experience in. Ensure that effective SEO is built into your website from the ground up.

6. Can You Add Special Features to My Website?

Technology is moving at break neck speed, and your website needs to incorporate many of the features that your customers are getting accustomed to. Videos, live chat, discussion forums, and social media like buttons are just a few features your website could benefit from.

7. Is My Website Secure From Hackers?

Website security should be on the top of your list.

Without a secure website your visitors will be afraid to enter their credit card information, and the hackers will easily gain access to your website. Make sure you discuss online security with your web agency and check that you will be provided with secure logins.

8. Are You Experienced in Copyright Issues?

Your web design agency must be well versed in copyright laws to protect all your images and data from trouble. The last thing you want is to find you are being sued for using someone else’s copyrighted material.

9. Do I Own the Website?

This is a very important question that you need to ask because you might be signing over the rights to your website without even realising it. Ask this question again if you are not sure.

10. How Much Are the Fees to Build My Website?

Read your quote fully before embarking on a new web design project. Carefully read the payment terms. Ask for clear timelines and associated milestones. Ensure that your project stays on schedule and is finished on time!

The key to any successful web design project is communication. The right web design agency will work with you closely throughout your web project and ensure you are 100% satisfied at every stage.

Good luck with your new web design!

Is Your Web Design Agency Committed to Your Success Long-term?

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