iPhone 5 - How to use 'Do Not Disturb'

iphone do not disturb feature

The iPhone 5 has plenty of great features.

Do Not Disturb is a simple functionality - but well worth implementing if you are looking for a little quiet time.

Do Not Disturb Me

If you do not want any disturbance - but still want your iPhone on - follow the steps below.

How to Activate 'Do Not Disturb'

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2 : Simply toggle 'Do Not Disturb' to on.

Step 3 : Enjoy the peace n quiet - knowing that all your messages and calls will be saved.

Now all your incoming calls, messages and other notifications will now be QUIET (shhh).

These will be collected for later review, but for now your iPhone stays silent throughout: no sounds and no lighting up.

Give 'Do not Disturb' on iPhone 5 a try the next time you need a little space.

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