What is Liquid Content and Why it Matters for Brands

by Saul Edmonds

Discover the Value of Liquid Content

 liquid content

The broad purpose of any marketing and communication strategy is to achieve a connection with a target audience. It is about standing out in a crowded marketplace and creating meaningful differentiation.

In recent times, marketers have realised the power of creative content within a social web. 

Highly shared creative content greatly promotes brand engagement and strengthens brand value

Of course, brand engagement must be at the heart of any 21st century marketing plan.

What exactly is Liquid Content?

'Liquid content' as a term refers to web content that is highly shared - where the desire for sharing is driven by contagious or 'viral ideas' within the content.

Liquid content may be described as memorable or significant content, which people become highly motivated to share via social networks such as twitter or pintrest. This may be an article, image or video.

Highly shared content is a powerful asset. 

Brand awareness can develop more rapidly by use of this model.

Brand Marketing with Liquid Content

When used within a brand campaign strategy, liquid content should be highly aligned to the business with which it is associated. It may include direct references to the brand or seek to build strong engagement with the target audience. It must consistently reflect the essential brand message and company values.

Use Liquid Content to Drive Conversations

An element of viral sharing is to include the 'conversations' that surround the liquid content. This can involve the distribution of relevant comments and reactions from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. This enhances customer engagement and promotes interest as a diversity of ideas emerge as participation builds.

Incorporate greater connectivity into your liquid content for more success.

Liquid Content and Interactive Diversity

In a social web, every story is a two way street. An evolving dialogue of content + interaction + conversation creates a dynamic and unfolding story in contrast to the single dimension of static content.

Liquid content may become diversified organically across many mediums, as the process of sharing and engagement continues.

Creativity and Liquid Content

Liquid content carries a risk value. 

Liquid content is experimental.

No one knows for sure which pieces of liquid content will achieve a high viral status. It should form part of a culture of creativity in any organisation - where content is in part driven by the search for new models and innovative ways to reach a target market. 

The process of innovation opens companies up to new possibilities - as we seek to discover what works in the emerging social paradigm. As a working guide - approx. 10% of total brand marketing content should be of a more experimental, courageous nature. The majority of content should continue to be of a more 'tried and tested' nature to ensure brand stability. However, this 10% 'window of innovation' is important as it will eventually define what content works best in the future.

Final Thoughts

As Brand Marketers, we need to adopt new models which specifically embrace the social web. The aim is to build buzz, incorporate interactivity and resonate with customers.

As a creative agency, Roundhouse is well placed to assist with innovative ideas for content creation. 

We love to work creatively with Brands to discover new and exciting ways to engage people.

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by Saul Edmonds