iphone tip - Backup Bootcamp

by Saul Edmonds
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‘It isn’t just the past we remember, it’s the future too.

Fifty per cent of memory is devoted not to what has already happened,

but to what will happen next.’ (Zen Quote)

Lost Data = Disaster

The experience of a lost or malfunctioning iphone could happen to you. Imagine the irrevocable denial of access to emails, photos, documents, software, ebooks, music and files. In the fight against oblivion our only salvation is a watertight backup system.

For your business, lost contacts and schedules is system downtime. The recreation of data incurs additional time and cost that few businesses can afford.

How to Backup Mail, Contacts and Calendar

Preserve your critical data. Setup your iPhone to automatically copy all calendar and contact information to the safety of the cloud. Sync your Mail, Contacts, Calendars to Gmail today and sleep peacefully tonight. If the unthinkable happens (lost/ stolen iPhone) - at least your Mail, Contacts and Calendar data is intact.

How to Sync your Gmail Account

Step 1 : Open Settings, go to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’

Step 2 : Add accounts, select Microsoft Exchange

Step 3 : Enter your gmail address in the email & username field, then your password

Step 4 : When the certificate verification dialog pops up click cancel and enter m.google.com as the server name.

Step 5 : Select all 3 services to sync, Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Peace of Mind.

by Saul Edmonds