The 6 Essentials for Effective Brand Identity

Brand Identity 

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A brand identity describes how a company views itself internally. A clear brand identity unifies an organisation and ensures that everyone within it - shares the same understanding.

A coherent brand identity is important as it provides the foundation from which stakeholders communicate and work on a daily basis.

A brand identity richly invested in meaning for all participants promotes an effective brand.

Brand Identity : A Working Definition

A brand identity reflects how an organisation understands its own personality, noble purpose and distinctive capabilities internally.

The most successful brands exhibit strong internal brand identities - where employees are engaged and passionate about their company.

A highly motivated and engaged employee ensures a superior customer experience.

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.
Simon Mainwaring

Brand Identity - A Total Vision

Brand identity consists of the following 6 key elements:

1. Brand Capabilities 

The specific ideas associated with a brand and its product or service delivery.

Examples include: 'innovation', 'distinctive quality' or 'value for money'.

- What are the products or services or values offered by this company?

- What are the relevant quality standards and how are they accessed?

- What does the company have to do well - to win loyal customers?


2. Brand Culture

The internal values of a brand.

- What is the heart and soul of the organisation?

- What are the core beliefs?

- What is the key promise made to customers?

 3. Brand Purpose

The inspired purpose or goal of a company.

- What is the goal or noble aspiration of the company?

- How does the company seek to effect the lives of the people they serve?

- How does the company strive to better the lives of people?


4. Brand Personality

The human values associated with the way value, service or products are delivered.

- What is the style of the company?

- How is this style delivered?


5. Brand Community

Shared values promote stronger brands.

- What values and professional affinities are important to the company and the audience it serves.

- How is a company seeking to engage, create, promote and inspire 'big ideas' that are important to all.


6. Brand Self Image

The way a customer uses a brand in the context of their own self image.

- How do your customers want to be seen?

- What do your customers hope to achieve long term?


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