Top 5 Reasons To Get to Know Foursquare

by Saul Edmonds

Beat your competition and get found with a local marketing strategy. Foursquare is a useful addition to your 'local business' promotion plan - that is, the drive to convert and retain local prospects and customers. 

Read on to learn a little more about foursquare and why it could work for you.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a free mobile app for business and was first released in 2009.

Go Local

Foursquare is all about location based marketing for business : Geo targeting.

It is a marketing tool to promote businesses locally.

Clients who live or work nearby are the mainstay of most business with a real world store or office address. 

Coffee shop, hairdresser, mechanic, retaurant - local businesses of this type - need to find customers from the surrounding area or tourists passing through the area. 

It makes sense to make your business more visible to the local sector and foursquare can assist with this.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved with Foursquare

1. Link Value

In terms of SEO, Foursquare has a high Domain Authority score - which means that the search rank of your business website is benefitted by your profile on Foursquare. Ensure that the information you provide about your business is consistent throughout all media channels.

2. 'Word of Mouth' Local Promotion

Foursquare is built for referral business. Foursquare users review and share comments, pictures and activities regarding the businesses they use. Personal recommendations are highly trusted. If your service or product garners some good reviews on foursquare - your business should profit.

3. Get known Locally

Let local customers get to know you. A foursquare profile will enhance your business visibility.

4. Opt-in Marketing

Take full advantage of foursquare by offering foursquare users specific deals and special offers. This can lead to the exchange of contact information between customers and the businesses they prefer, and in turn lead to extended opt-in marketing opportunities.  

5. Social Media Networking

Foursquare brings the faces of local customers to life with display pictures and first names. Get to know the people who know you!

In this 'Age of Attention' everything in marketing is about the individual.

Foursquare offers the business owner many advantages when it comes to building that all important local base.

by Saul Edmonds