How To Build Your Brand Around a Single, Strong Idea

by Saul Edmonds

Brand Building and The Power of A Single, Strong Idea

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business.
Warren Buffett

Define Your Key Brand Idea

The key to every successful business is to do something extremely well and then simply refine the process and do it again.

Developing your brand message can help to grow your business more effectively.

To define your brand message - simply identify your key brand concept - and make certain that your brand centers around the core beliefs of that idea. Coming up with that one great idea is actually straightforward. It is in the execution of this idea that many business owners miss the mark.

Here is how you can take your key brand idea idea and bring it to reality.

Ideas First - Get Thinking!

The first thing that you need is the idea.

That is the easy part because there are literally millions of great brand ideas out there. Focus on a single idea you can focus the core beliefs of your company around.

It is then that the hard work actually begins.

So now you have a great idea to use! Is it unique, transformative, and significant enough to engage your customers and motivate them to buy?

If you answered 'yes', the next thing you will need is to develop a strategy for bringing that idea to life. In order for it to work, you must have those steps carefully laid out so you can implement that strategy and keep track of your progress along the way.

Ideas Are Your Best Asset

Even if you feel that your idea might be a limitation because it has a narrow focus, consider that an asset.

Most small businesses cannot compete with large corporations because the bigger companies can continue to draw on their endless resources to make things work. The advantage that a small business has is a 'laser sharp' focus on a key idea that they simply must make work. This 'laser sharp' focus is what brings the idea to reality. Transformative ideas need passion, belief and commitment to work. This is much more powerful that simply throwing money at ideas until one sticks. 

Larger is Not Always Better

A clear focus on one key idea enables your small business to do what it does best - providing genuine 'one to one' service to your customers and delivering on your promises.

This is where the larger companies often miss the mark because their customer service just seems to fall between the cracks. Remember that the larger company is going to spend great resources to monitor thousands of different product lines, while the small business owner is focused on that one proprietary subject that most of their consumers will easily understand.

Think Strategic Niche Marketing

Think about it this way.

There might be several of your competitors offering a variety of services to customers.

If you choose one of those services and focus on being the leader in that service, you can attract people looking exactly for that service. Then they find other things you are good at after you have converted them. The competition is focused on telling the world they offer dozens of different services, and you come in and tell the world you are the leader in one.

As an example, consider this scenario:

There are thousands of companies that sell a huge variety of clothing in their stores. They run flyers each week focusing on discounts across all the product lines. You come in and focus on making the best shirts in the industry. These shirts fit better, look better, and are priced lower. You attract a large audience who comes to trust in your shirts. Now you show them t-shirts, ties, shoes, and they already believe your products are great because your reputation precedes you.

Make a Positive Statement To Your Customers

Ensure that your customers feel positive about using your products or services.

Focus on the feeling you want your customers to experience, and let this inform all areas of your business. The customer needs to know exactly what your brand represents and how it can help them better their way of life.

Inspire Long Term Loyalty in Your Customers

A clear focus on one single idea - ensures you build your brand to strategically represent what is most important. It is via this key, vital message - that you want to be known by to your customers.

There is a huge reward in the clarity that comes with focusing on single idea -  and really and using that idea as the foundation of your brand marketing. That reward is loyalty!


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