3 Ways to Boost SEO on your Website

3 Simple Tips to Improve your Keyword Ranking

Almost every website owner hopes to rank highly for their preferred keywords.

Ranking on the first page is never easy, however there are some easy steps to building your own SEO campaign and improving your chances of success.

Although SEO professionals have a great deal of specialised knowledge, website owners can do a lot to improve their own ranking with a little extra effort. Remember, that improved search engine results generally lead to increased profitability. Any extra effort you invest will not go unrewarded. 

SEO should be considered a long term investment - where results are cumulative. A key notion of any SEO plan should be to optimise for your customer. Provide a stream of content that your customers find genuinely find useful to gain significant benefit.

If you currently have a CMS website, try implementing the following 3 suggestions to boost the keyword rankings of your website.

1. One Keyword per Page

Decide on a single keyword or keyword phrase to be optimised per page. Write between 500 - 800 words of targeted content that directly relates to your keyword. Ensure that a specific keyword or key phrase is utilised within the title, page headings and sub headings of the page. Search engines scan titles and headlines for information about each web page. Getting headlines right is important.

When writing the page content, keep your focus on your customer. The page must read well, offer relevant information and aim for prospect conversion. Never over-crowd a page with keywords. Use keywords judiciously throughout the page - incorporating the use of bold and italic text where appropriate. Add your keyword to image alt tags and page descriptions.

With regard to keyword optimisation, it is often said that we, ourselves are the best piece of optimisation software. Use common sense and creativity to maximise the impact of your keyword or keyword phrase on each page.

2. Use keywords when selecting Blog Titles and Topics

At Roundhouse, we believe that a blog is a must for almost every website. Blogs are highly recommended to boost your search rankings organically. It makes sense to design your blog articles around your keywords and key phrases. This will enable you to target the 'long tails' related to your keyword. Long tails is a search engine term that refers to search queries of 3 or more words - that is, a more specific query about a keyword.

Targeted blog articles for keyword specific SEO is a powerful, long term strategy. 

Again, ensure that articles are written with your customer foremost in mind. Make use of your keywords in the blog article title, headline and throughout the body copy. Add an image and include your keyword in the image tag.

It is recommended that new content be added to your blog at least 3 times per week.

3. Use Youtube when targeting your keyword

Youtube is the world's second most popular search engine (after Google). It is also owned by Google. Any results on Youtube for keyword searches feed heavily into Google results. If you rank well on Youtube - you will probably also rank well on Google. 

It is also MUCH easier to achieve rankings on Youtube. 

For example, the term 'web design' returns about 1,250,000,000 results on Google, yet only about 1,250,000 results on Youtube. That's a lot less competitors! Experiment with your preferred keywords on both Youtube and Google and note the results. 

To take advantage of Youtube for SEO, video content is required. Get testimonials, interview employees, take videos of day to day business operations - all of this makes for good Youtube content. Ensure that your keywords are used in Video titles and in descriptions.

Let us know your results. If you implement some of these SEO strategies, we would love to hear from you.

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