3 Website Marketing Strategies that Boost your Traffic for FREE

How to market your website online for free

Marketing is expensive. 

Paid online marketing is no different.

If you rely upon paid online marketing, your main options include:

- adwords (pay per click)

- Facebook advertising

- professional SEO (paid monthly)

Paid website Traffic Can be Costly

The purpose of any online advertising campaign is to increase website traffic. This can be a costly exercise and must be done carefully to ensure a consistent ROI.

Consider the following:

- In an adwords campaign, costs can easily add up. Many keywords cost more than $10 per click through (and some highly competitive keywords up to $200 per single click). It goes without saying that a significant adwords campaign is simply not affordable for many small businesses.

Over the past 2 years, the cost per click through has risen by up to 400% in some cases.

“AdWords can bleed many a small business dry,” said Sharon Geltner, an analyst at the Small Business Development Center at Palm Beach.

- Facebook advertising, although less expensive than adwords - can be relatively costly. Facebook advertising requires persistence, testing and ongoing review to ensure you get a positive ROI.  

- Some professional SEO service providers charge up $4000 - $5000 per month. This fee will usually involve targeting a range of keywords across the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. This type of SEO generally centres around acquiring back-links and includes a detailed on site optimisation. This type of SEO service does not usually include content creation.

3 Web Marketing Strategies to Get FREE traffic

Free marketing is a huge bonus for every business owner.

Practical strategies that increase web traffic without additional expense are ideal.

Increasing web traffic is the essential goal.

More traffic leads to higher conversions, increased profits and greater brand recognition.

1. Maximise Organic Search Engine Results

This is where people find you 'organically' via the search engines. Usually it means you need to come up on page 1 for your search terms.

How difficult is this? From our personal experience, search engines will find you if blog regularly. The real value of targeting keywords is in the 'long tail' results, where people search for your keyword in combination with other relevant words.

For example, in November last year we published an article on our blog entitled '5 Top Tips for Great Letterhead Design'.

This article had no special SEO, adwords or other promotion. From that single article we have achieved top rankings in google.com and google.com.au for such terms as 'top letterhead design', 'creative letterhead design', 'letterhead tips' and quite a few more variations. Every week this article continues to drive targeted traffic to our website. This a good example of the 'long tail' in action.

Organic search results are best achieved by optimising your website and designing your content to target your niche. Consistent blogging is key to achieving 'long tail' organic search results. Content must be original and highly relevant to information your customers are searching for.

2. Expand Your Content Across Media Channels

Create targeted content in addition to your blog.

Key channels to target are:

- Youtube

- Slideshare

Video content is a great way to target your keyword and niche. Youtube videos can be very simple yet still effective. Consider what sort of video would best promote your product or service? What information do your customers value? Product demonstrations, testimonials, behind the scenes and more can be highly converting without breaking the bank. 

3. Utilise social to propel your content further

Showcase your content journey across social media and social networks.

Essential social media channels for business are:

- Youtube

- Slideshare

- Pinterest

Essential social networks for business are:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Linkedin

Make use of an integrated marketing strategy to boost your traffic without additional cost.

It takes time and consistent dedication to build a digital marketing strategy but the results are worth it.

Which strategies work best for you? Tell us your story!

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