4 Simple Ways to Optimise Your Website for SEO

by Saul Edmonds
Simple Ways to Optimise Your Website for SEO

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your On-Page Website Optimistion for Search Engines

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web.” 
- Rand Fishkin

Learn the Basics of On-page Website Optimisation

On page website optimisation is the process of fine-tuning your webpage copy to rank effectively in search engines for terms relevant to your niche market.

SEO is not something you do one time and then step aside.

Website optimisation is an ongoing process requiring testing, maintenance, monitoring and fine tuning.

Here are four simple ways that you can optimise your website for increased SEO performance.

1. Analyse Your Competition

Type some of the keywords relevant to your niche into search engines and take note of the websites that appear on the first page. Using online tools such as semrush.com and moz.com you will be able to run a check on your competitors’ websites to see which keyword phrases they are using to achieve page #1 rankings and how much monthly traffic they attract from these terms.

See where your website ranks for local and national search terms. Make a list of keyword phrases that relate specifically to your niche. Also add to the list key phrases that you would type into search engines to find your own business. Ask your existing customers what they search for when looking online for your products and services.

2. Analyse Your Keywords

Keyword analysis is about understanding the competitive value of search terms and how to incorporate them into your ranking strategy.

The first thing that you will be looking at when analysing these keyword phrases is how many other websites are competing for those terms too. Note in Google (or Google.com.au) - for example - how many results are returned for your search query. The lower this number – the easier it will be to rank. Many city based and suburb based search terms have lower search volumes, and may often yield more targeted results.

Make use of the free adwords tool ‘keyword planner’ – and determine how many people are actually searching for that term per month.

Your ideal keyword phrases should have a decent amount of people searching the phrases each month, with a low number of websites competing for the term. This involves a little work, but when you do find the right balance in a keyword it can help to skyrocket your pages in the search standings.

3. Optimising Your Content

Once you have developed a quality list of keywords that have reasonable search volume and lower competition, it is time to implement them on your website.

Begin by placing these keyword phrases into the titles of your web pages. Ensure that your web page content is relevant to that specific search term. It is recommended to provide 500+ words of highly targeted content per web page. This helps search engine spiders identify your website as being relevant to your niche. The meta information of your website will also need to incorporate those keyword phrases in order to help people searching to identify your pages more easily.

If you are not familiar with placing those keywords in your website copy and throughout your website, a professional local design or SEO company will be able to assist.

Adding the right mix of relevant keywords to your pages is the best way to show the search engines that your content is relevant to your niche and associated searches.

4. Testing and Fine Tuning

Installing an analytics program (such as Google analytics) will enable you to see which keywords are bringing in your website’s traffic.

These programs help you to identify what pages are working better than others, as well as how many people find your website by way of those new keyword phrases.

After analysing the information, make small changes and see if the results improve. These programs give you up to the hour information, so you can quickly see when a new technique is working or not very easily.

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by Saul Edmonds