4 Ways To Tell Your Real Story on Twitter

by Saul Edmonds
Ways To Tell Your Real Story on Twitter

Why Authenticity is Essential for Success on Twitter

"The thing I really like about Twitter is the speed with which information reaches me. You find out things from Twitter long before they're on the news. That, I think, is valuable."

- Salman Rushdie

Essential Twitter Tips

Social media has transformed the way that people interact with companies that they want to do business with.

When you are following a company on Twitter it is important for many people that they see the faces behind the name. The days of dealing with larger corporations who keep the identity of employees hidden away from the general public are coming to an end.

People want to be comfortable with the people they are doing business with, and authenticity and transparency are more than just buzz words being thrown around by big business.

The way to reach more people on a personal level especially on Twitter, is to come out from behind the curtain and let your potential buyers see who you really are.

Here are a few ways that you can exhibit transparency with your company on your Twitter profile.

1. Share the Love

When you make a large sale in your company, tell the world about it on Twitter. When you sign with a large company, tell the fans and followers how excited that you are about it. When you have a record week in sales, congratulate your team and take sometime to thank the people who follow you for making your business what it is today.

When you come off as genuine and not bragging, people will get excited for you and want to share in your excitement more often.

2. Be Honest with Followers

Not everything in business is going to be a positive experience.

Your company may have to recall products, or you may have had a bad experience with one of your customers. Share these experiences with your followers too and let them know you are looking for ways to improve on your customer service each day. Don't toot your horn at all the successes and sweep the dirt under the carpet.

Most people respect a company when it takes the initiative. It shows you are only human and working to improve each day.

3. Share Your Dreams

Tell the world about the things that really motivate you and your company.

If your employees are taking part in a local food drive, encourage people to come by and say hello. Maybe you take part each year in some type of humanitarian effort to better the world. This isn't about trying to get attention, this is all about sharing your passion with others in the hopes of getting them excited to.

Authenticity in this area is vital for showing people exactly what type of person you really are.

4. Pass on Some Helpful Advice

During your time in business you have certainly picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that have gotten you to where you are.

Pass on some of those tips to your followers on Twitter. These little pieces of advice can really show a human side to your business, and help to build trust with potential buyers. These are just small bits of information that will provide some help to anyone reading them.

Try and keep the tips related to your industry so that you also help to promote yourself as an authority in your field.

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by Saul Edmonds