4 Tips to Boost your Website SEO for FREE

ow to Increase your Website's Search Engine Ranking

Today, every business has a web presence. 

"Basically, optimising your website for search engines is a collection of techniques that simplifies a search engine’s task of searching, including, classifying and determining the position of the information posted on your website." (Lee Odden)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a term most business owners are familiar with. SEO aims to increase your website's visibility and by doing so grow your site visitors, leads and sales. To be effective, SEO must be tightly integrated with your business goals and target market.

Professional SEO services are utilised by many business owners to maximise their website's potential. Such services usually cost between several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per month, depending on your provider and budget. Many business owners know very little about SEO and prefer to leave it to the experts - or leave it undone. 

DIY Optimisation

With a little time investment, business owners can learn the basics of SEO and apply the principles to their own site for FREE. The basics of SEO are easy to understand and can be implemented quickly, particularly if you have a CMS or Content Management System.

Business owners can take advantage of simple optimisation tips and improve their search performance - without extra expense. 

In the world of SEO - a little change can go a surprisingly long way. Remember, SEO is a long term investment. Our top tips below will set the foundations for your website's ongoing success on google and other search engines. 

4 Top SEO Tips to Boost Your Visibility Online

1. Optimise Page Titles

What is the page title?
he page title is the title or keyword phrase that is located at the very top of each web page.

Why is page title important?
ike a book title, the page title says what the page is about. When scanning your website, Google reads page titles first. Page titles go a long way in determining how Google will use your website content in relation to organic search queries. Getting the 'right' title is important. A clear, concise, well written page title can increase your search engine rankings.

The perfect page title
How to achieve ideal page titles for your website pages:

  • Keep your titles simple and target towards your user
  • Page titles should be no more than 10 words (65 characters approx)
  • Each page on your website should have a unique page title
  • Use your brand name at the end of the title
  • Write your title for conversion - note that the page title will appear in organic searches, and a good page title can increase click through rates

2. Optimise Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions, like page titles, are used to describe the content of your web page. In 2009, Google stated that meta descriptions are no longer used in the calculation of search ranking factors. What is important however, is that search engines still show meta descriptions in search results. Meta descriptions should be carefully worded to boost click-throughs and traffic to your website. Take the time to get them right.

Write your meta descripton for your target audience
he best meta descriptions consist of compelling, quality 'advertising style' text. Promote your business. Write phrases that inspire people to click. Craft a description that includes important keywords. Limit your description to around 150 characters.

3. Increase Social Signals

What are social signals?
ocial signals are a measure of how popular your content is across the social media landscape. It includes such feedback as:

  • Your number of Twitter followers
  • Your number of Facebook fans
  • Number of tweets linking to your website, articles or including your brand name
  • Number of circles you are in (Google+)

How do social signals influence search rankings?
Social signals are taken as an indication of your brand's online visibility. More signals indicate increasing visitors to your website and a wider brand profile with greater reach.

How to improve your website's social signals
he following are some simple steps to grow your social signals - both onsite and offsite.

Ways to enhance your social signals onsite include:

  • Include a frequently updated Blog on your website
  • Add share buttons to your web pages (tweet, like, etc)
  • Add connect buttons to your website (follow on twitter, like on Facebook etc)

Ways to enhance your social signals offsite include establishing social media channels for your business such as:

  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter account
  • Youtube channel
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Pinterest account
  • Google+ business page

4. Boost SEO with Hand Built Links

Use manual link building to boost your SEO
inks are still the single most important ranking factor. Following recent Google algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin - it is important that links are 'genuine' and hand built. Link building is a long term strategy. It takes time to build quality links. Quality links increase your visibility to your customers and prospects and should be developed from this point of view. 

Where to begin link building?
ocal link building is a great place to start. List your website in local online directories. Ask customers to review your products and services online. Ask your customers if you can supply a testimonial for use on their website.

Take the time to implement these 4 'do it yourself' SEO actions, and see your search engine rankings significantly improve.

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