5 Essential Elements of a Successful Brand Audit

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What Does an Effective Brand Audit Consist Of?

 Many business owners are well aware of the benefits of being a recognised brand.

Your culture is your brand

Tony Hsieh

The brand of your company is really nothing more than a set of intangible and tangible things.

Consider your brand as a collection of stories, activities, statements, and illustrations of your business - that resonate with your customer and inspire them to have a relationship with you.

When those stories create a rewarding experience for the customer, you can expect that loyalty to translate into repeat business.

Being able to keep your brand in a positive spotlight requires you to take a step back.  A brand audit enables you to understand what works – and what doesn’t.

Here are the five basic elements of the brand audit and how you can implement them in your company today.

1. Brand Communications

Take the time to create a think tank within your company.

Review all marketing campaigns that our have conducted within the past year. Include your social media campaigns and determine if the core beliefs of your company were clearly expressed in those efforts.

During this session, gather input from employees and feedback from customers to tailor a more clear and concise message to broadcast to your audience.

2. Brand Positioning

During a brand audit it is important to get a better understanding of where your company's brand ranks in comparison to competitors in your industry.

Take a meeting with the key management personnel and ask them individually to define the core values behind your brand and key competitors.

Review feedback and determine cost effective ways to promote your point of difference to prospects and customers.

Ensure that all key players within your organization are unified and ‘on board’ regarding core beliefs within your brand.

3. Brand Strategy

Take a closer look at your most recent marketing efforts.

Every campaign should closely conform to the core beliefs of your organisation. If an evaluation uncovers areas that are drifting away from the core structure of the brand, take this time to ensure future campaigns represent your brand more effectively target markets.

4. Customer Analysis

Conduct quantitative and qualitative research with regard to customer loyalty.

Increased customer loyalty is a fundamental goal of brand advertising.

Aim to continually increase brand awareness and build a stronger brand loyalty with every campaign. Ensure that every customer’s interaction with your business reinforces these values. As expectations are consolidated over time and the result is increased consumer confidence.

5. Customer Journey

Study how the customers come to purchase your products, and by what means they were brought to the business.

Understand better their shopping habits and you will uncover their unique buying patterns. Get in the head of your buyer and you will be able to see how they feel towards the overall brand of your business.

Boost your customer loyalty with a professional brand audit

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