The 5 Keys to an Effective Website Home Page

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How to Gain Maximum Effect from Your Home Page Design

Business is all about making that great first impression.

This is also the case when it comes to your company website.

People ignore design that ignores people.

Frank Chimero

When a potential customer arrives on your business website - they should be able to immediately tell what types of products you sell and which services you offer. Many business websites fail to give their visitors a clear enough indication of what they offer and how they can genuinely assist. 

With a less than optimal home page, business owners run the risk of losing an important visitor - who may simply exit as fast as they arrived.

Here are the five keys that you need to ensure an effective home page - that makes it easier to convert visitors into customers.

1. The Contact Information

A surprising number of business websites do not have an email link or business telephone number clearly located on the home page.

One of the most important ways to project a professional image to your visitors is to give them easy access to you information. Place your email link, telephone number, contact form and physical address in a prominent location so that each visitor can easily find it.

2. Relevant Images

When your company sells screen-printing, there should be an abundance of images that showcase printed t-shirts. Many companies simply miss the mark here and include inspiration images, or worse, not a single image at all.

The fact is that when it comes to an effective home page, a picture can really say a thousand words. Use an image in place of text that clearly explains a product or service you offer. This image will make it easy for a visitor to identify exactly what products and services you sell.

3. Working Navigation Links

User-friendly navigation is a key element of an effective home page.

The links across the header of the home page should give customers clear indications as to where they can find answers to their questions on your website.

Links to FAQ pages, return policies, testimonials, contact information, and business hours should all be easy to find on the home page.

Make certain that all these links take the visitor to the page indicated. Nothing looks less professional than a broken link or one that sends the visitor to the wrong content.

4. Sign Up Section

Encourage your visitors to get involved!

Ideally, place an email sign up box in the upper right corner of your website.

This is above the fold and the first place visitors’ eyes will be drawn to when they land on your home page.

When a visitor signs up for your emails, they are obviously interested in receiving newsletters that contain new information about your business. This presents an opportunity to build ongoing relationships with prospects and existing customers. There are many companies online that offer free or low cost services to help you with your email campaigns.

5. Social Media Buttons

One of the best ways to get your customers to help you to market your company - is to place social media buttons on all your website pages.

These buttons will repost your content to sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Now your content can be shared with your visitor's inner circle, where you have the potential to be seen by millions of new targeted consumers.

Is your website home page converting visitors into customers?

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