5 Keys to Building Trust in Your Mobile App

by Saul Edmonds
5 Keys to Building Trust in Your Mobile App

How to Build Trust With Your App Audience

Trust is the first step to love.
Munshi Premchand

Grow Trust to Grow Download Numbers

Social media has changed the way many people now shop online.

Increasingly, consumers will look to the opinions of others who have purchased before them to help in the buying decision. Websites that make way of reviews are gaining in popularity because the user has the chance to see a third party impartial review without having to invest any of their time or money in doing so.

The simple truth when it comes to mobile apps, users are much more inclined to download it if their friends are talking about it. The one thing you can do to encourage more downloads, is to provide social proof that the rest of a large community is already doing so.

Growing trust in your app will skyrocket your downloads.

Here are five effective methods for establishing growing trust in your mobile app.

1. Getting App Store Reviews

Start by getting as many friends and family members as you can to download the app and then rate it. Implement a prompt within your app that gets triggered after a user accesses it more than once to leave a review. If you can stay focused on providing your audience value, your reviews will grow. If you get slammed by the occasional poor rating, take the time to address that person in a positive way by looking for ways to improve the app moving forward. If you address the person this way, future users will see that you acted professionally and took action to improve the user experience.

2. Getting Testimonials

Testimonials are used on just about every website to help users feel comfortable about the purchase. They have been used effectively for decades, and they are still as powerful today as they were back then. The word spoken by a customer holds much more value than any other type of advertising that you might consider. Once you can secure some testimonials from users who have had a positive experience with your app, publish them any where you possibly can. Place them on your website, place them on the landing page of the app, even incorporate them into the description of the app to grab a users attention right from the start.

3. Using Logos

Logos help to reinforce to the user that this app is something they should seriously consider downloading. When you use popular logos from well established companies on your landing page, it gives the user assurance they are doing the right thing by downloading the app. The way that you can approach logos is one of two creative ways. The first is to simply place the logo of any well established yet recognized business that has downloaded the app already. The second is using the logos of well established publications that have written about your app in a positive way. If you are weak in logos, try adding the logos of popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. These could be logos showing platforms that your app easily connects to. 

4. User Statistics

Once you have a substantial amount of users who have successfully downloaded your app, tell your visitors about it on your app landing page. People simply love to go where the crowd is going. If thousands are downloading and enjoying your mobile app, new users might get the impression that they are missing out on something by not following their lead. There is also another way you can showcase user statistics. Incorporate social media plugins that show users how many people have shared or liked your app page. This is another effective way to show potential users that your app is popular and successful.

5. Using Case Studies

This is simply the advanced version of a testimonial. A case study will lay out clearly how real people have benefitted from downloading your mobile app. Your case study could showcase to other users how your app was downloaded by someone with a problem, how your app solved the problem, and then how your app went on to help them to achieve their goals in the end.


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