7 Key Reasons to Start Article Writing

by Saul Edmonds

7 Key Reasons Why Article Writing is Great for Business

 article writing long tail SEO

Most people are familiar with the term ‘Content is King’.
(It was Microsoft’s Bill Gates who first used the term in 1996.)

Today, quality content is crucial to online success. 

Every website owner who hopes to gain traction within search engines should leverage their website and promotional material to provide maximum value for their users. In terms of article writing - content should always be created for your customers. This will ensure a keyword rich resource that search engines will love. 

The so called ‘long tail keywords’ (eg, web design for startup business)- that is, those longer keyword phrases that feature naturally within your articles (that are 3 or more words in length) - are great for bringing people to your site. In fact, keywords that occur at the head of popular search terms (eg web design)- are significantly more difficult to rank for organically. 

But don’t lose hope! Only 10%-20% of total search engine traffic for any given site is typically derived from head terms. Around 70%-80% of most search engine traffic is from the ‘long tails’. Herein lies the seo value of article writing - you can provide content that is highly targeted to your unique site user. Chances are they will enter some very specific search queries - and your targeted articles will be well poised to rank well for these terms.

This is organic search engine optimisation and it is very powerful.

Read on to discover the 7 key reasons for article writing.

1. Long tail SEO

Articles are a great opportunity to target ‘long tails’. These are those longer search terms - that although searched less frequently on an individual basis - as a group comprise the majority of organic search results for most websites. Use targeted articles as a vehicle for the talking about the exact information your customers are most interested in.

2. Brand Promotion

Every article you write - is a meaningful step towards promotion of you and your website.

Articles can be distributed via your onsite blog or posted to article directories such as hubpages.com. This will greatly enhance your website profile, build greater awareness and boost your traffic.

3. Link Building

All search engine results rely heavily on links - the number and quality of links is an important element of your search engine ranking result. Publishing articles is a great way to build your link numbers - as you can include your web address in the contact profile.

4. Highly Targeted Traffic for best ROI

An additional benefit of ‘long tail’ traffic - is that it is known to yield higher conversion rates. Customers make the most specific queries when they are ready to purchase. Use articles to give the customer a complete range of information regarding your products or services.

5. Promote your Unique Benefits

Every article is an opportunity to present you and your business to customers. Why not explain a full range of benefits over a series of articles - that are written specifically to meet the needs of your customers? This could include detailed product guides, opinions on your market, comparisons of relevant information or ‘how to’ articles for your niche industry and more. You are the expert! Articles are a great showcase for your expertise.

6. Free advertising

Online advertising is expensive. Articles are a great way to get the word out with additional expenditure.

7. Boost Customer Service

Articles that explain your customer service policy and approach are useful. It promotes your company values and helps you stand out in the crowd.

All website owners who hope to boost their internet marketing strategy should write articles on a consistent basis. Just 5-10 well written articles could lead to hundreds  (if not thousands) of extra visitors to your site.

Article writing is time well invested.

Your business will thank you for it!

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by Saul Edmonds