8 Top Reasons To Have a Mobile Friendly Website

by Saul Edmonds

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are ever increasing in popularity. 

The world is becoming more connected and ever more mobile. Mobile internet usage will surpass desktop within a few years if current trends continue.

Is your website mobile friendly?

You are getting mobile visitors to you website right now.

If your website is not mobile ready - you are already losing business. With ever increasing internet searches conducted from mobile devices, delivering a functional web experience to mobile users has never been more essential.

Users expect high quality mobile websites.

Read on for 8 Top Reasons to
Get Mobile with a Mobile Friendly Website

1. 1 billion people have smartphones

In a world with a population of 7 billion, 2 billion people have internet access and 1 billion have smartphones.

2. A mobile website will ensure you stand out from your competitors.

79% of Australian websites are not mobile friendly. Despite the high level of smartphone usage in Australia (Australia has the highest penetration of smartphones in the world, excepting Singapore), Australian business has not yet adapted to the highly lucrative mobile market. 

3. Mobile internet usage is growing at a rapid pace.

Around 7% of the internet usage in the US is mobile. That changes to to 14.85% in Africa, almost 18% in Asia and 20% in Australia. This represents an increase of nearly 200% since 2010. 

4. Mobile internet is highly social.

Consider the following statistic:
Social activities account for 91% of mobile internet access, in contrast to 79% on desktops.

In addition, over 30% of Facebook use is from Facebook Mobile. And up to 50% of Twitter use is from Twitter mobile.

5. Tablets are very popular.

The average user spends nearly 14 hours per week using their iPad or tablet. 

See out previous post on marketing to iPad users here.

6. Mobile users take action.

Mobile users are highly motivated to purchase. It is thought that up to 1 in 5 websites benefit from an immediate response. In the US, approx 10% of all online shopping revenue is from mobile devices.

7. Mobile advertising is big business.

Google earns billions in mobile ad revenue each year.

"Overall spending on mobile advertising in the U.S., including display, search and messaging-based ads served to mobile phones and tablets, will rise 180 percent this year to top $4 billion." (December 2012 announcement from eMarketer)

8. Mobile driven SEO will boost sales.

Search results account for 30% of the smartphone shopping-related page views. If your online store is highly optimised for mobile SEO - your sales will increase. A mobile specific SEO strategy should be developed to target keywords specific to smartphone audiences.

Need a mobile website?

Roundhouse is a specialist provider of mobile friendly web solutions. We can help you make the most of your mobile audience. 

Talk to us. We can help.

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by Saul Edmonds