A Guide to Brand Communications

by Saul Edmonds

Build your Brand with the Right Communications Strategy

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. (Jeff Bezos) 

A strong brand is at the heart of every successful business. 

A brand is much more than a logo. A memorable brand needs to be designed, developed and nurtured. Brand reputation is consolidated over time. Effective brand communications build your brand's reputation with your consumers.

What is Brand Communications?

Brand communication occurs every time a client or prospect interacts with your brand. Brand communication is effected across a variety of channels : 

  • when customers when they see your brand (logo)
  • view your product 
  • view brand content (social media, advertising, reviews)
  • meet your brand in person (when contacting your office for example)

Every brand should ensure consistency across all communication channels. Brand reputation is actively built everytime a customer meets your brand.

Brand Communication Goals

The best brands create a memorable impact. Brands should aim to inspire and engage their audience. Effective brand communication begins with a strategic clarity. Be clear as to what your brand represents. Send a clear message to your customers.

How to Achieve Effective Brand Communication

Deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.

Your brand message is most likely to be received if:

  • you are an expert
  • demonstrate expertise with relevant information
  • are well known
  • likeable

Brands must develop reliable ways to reach their customers, and get their message heard.

Integrated Communication 

Expand your brand with social.
Build a consistent brand message with social media.

Brands achieve maximum impact when all channels are highly integrated. In today's marketplace, communication channels are diversified across a range of offline and online media. Every brand should strive to get social and make proactive use of Facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, blogging and more. Social media creates the opportunity for brands to develop a dialogue with customers. 

How to Increase your brand value

Developing a brand communications strategy is an investment in your company. Define your goal, consider the risks and benefits and tailor actions to your time and budget. A clear brand message helps to unify your team members and employees.

The key goal is to move the customer or prospect from interest to acquisition. Use your communication strategy to emphasise the emotional benefits of your product or service. Work to establish increased visibility and excitement.

Include empathy, humour and current news references where appropriate.

The Ultimate Brand Strategy

Brand communication must be developed in the context of your business goals. Always broadcast a clear benefit to your audience. Be relevant to your prospects, keep their attention and seek to become important in their lives. 

A strong brand communication strategy takes time. It is a long term investment. Ensure that your communications are thoughtful, focused and genuine. Always focus on your 'core target message'. A memorable and likeable brand - that communicates regularly, consistently and effectively - will prosper over time.

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by Saul Edmonds