How to Brand Your Company Like it Really Matters

Learn How to Brand Your Company For Success

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.
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Your Vision, Your Belief, Your Brand

Every great company starts with the same basic principles:

  • a great product followed by a vision

  • a belief that you can add something of value to the world

The next logical step is simply getting people to discover your services, get to know your brand and make a purchase.

However, the world is changing fast.

Technology has changed the way many business owners brand their company, and buyers today are much more savvy when it comes to opening up their wallets.

Most business owners are still employing techniques that worked for them years ago, in the hopes it will still bring in new customers. The only way to effectively reach your audience today is by creating a brand that people can relate to on an emotional level.

Starting With the Why

In order to attract new customers you have to understand why the customer is shopping for your products or services.

They can buy the same item from a huge variety of stores, so why should they choose your store? Why does the customer matter? Why do they need this product?

All these why questions provide answers that can help you to brand your company like it matters. Many business owners skip this important step, and they are left wondering why the customers stop coming to them. 

Start Asking Better Questions

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself if you want to understand how your business relates to your customers. If you can find the answer to these questions, you can better position your company so that it becomes the go-to resource when a product or service is needed. This is easily accomplished by getting your clients emotionally involved in your unique story.

Start your story by asking these key questions:

1. Why does your business matter?
2. How is your business different?
3. How is the world a better place because of your business?
4, Why should the client choose your business over the competition?
5. How do you set yourself apart from all your competitors?
6. Do you really value your customers?
7. What is the core belief of the business?

The New World Order

One thing you have to understand about business today is that customers have ready access to information. If they want to research your business or your competition, they can do so quickly. They can compare apples and oranges in seconds, and for this reason your branding story needs to stand out if you want to attract the lion share of the business.

With all that information just a few clicks away, remember that your customers are people, not numbers. Seek to connect on an emotional level rather than by facts and figures alone.

Experience Does Matter

With all the noise on the internet, you have to find other ways to stand out in the crowd. 

Create a strategy that gets your message to the top of the mountain by branding your business with a unique story. Rather than tell them that you are the best, show them why you are the best. Your story should discuss a specific solution - and then showcase how your company fulfils that solution.

Integrate and Integrate and Then Integrate

Adding more content and more products to your website is not the answer to getting more business.

The way to succeed today is with the power of integration and teamwork. Everyone on your team needs to work as one, from the designers, developers, strategists, and salespeople. By working together, a better story can be developed and everyone in the company can live and breathe that philosophy each day.

People today want to feel excited about what they buy. They have more control over the buying process today, and they can choose from a large variety of brands and compare them with the click of a mouse. With all that information overload, your message needs to be more important to them than the name. They need to get to the point where they feel they can not live without your product or service.

That emotional attachment to your brand is how you will separate your company from the crowd.


At Roundhouse, we believe that your brand represents the heart and soul of your business. Branding is the foundation stone that integrates your story, your mission and your message - with your professional image. A logo is just one part of your brand. It is the story behind the logo that really matters. If you want to learn more about how strategic branding can grow your opportunity, please contact us for an informal chat.

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