How Mobile Websites Boost Sales

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Achieve More Local Sales with a Mobile Website

If you have never considered that your website needs to be mobile-friendly, then you may be missing out on a lot of customers. 

Many people use their mobile phones to look up information before they make a local purchase.

Mobile phones are frequently used for local searches - when people need direct, local information before purchasing. If they are directed to a website that is not optimised for mobile phones they simply search again until they find a mobile friendly website.

Mobile websites are designed as a more basic version of a full website. It is designed for optimal viewing on a smart phone or similar mobile device with a limited viewing screen. Customers accessing mobile sites often buy products or services after they browse.
Most people who own a smartphone are constantly using their phones to research products, compare prices and look for the best deals and deepest discounts. Pew, a polling company conducted a report on in-store mobile commerce and discovered that around 72 per cent of smart phone owners used their devices to help them while they were already shopping in a physical store. Smart phone owners are always on their phones!
The data showed that people who are shopping are more likely to use the mobile web instead of the standard web. What this means is that people are looking for information to form their purchasing decisions from their smartphones instead of doing the research from home on their desk top computer. In fact, researching on a home computer is not very widespread at all among smartphone owners - most of them simply skip that step and head directly to the store.
Shoppers prefer to use mobile browsing over apps because it is easier and much faster to access multiple tabs on a smartphone rather than opening a variety of apps then closing them and opening a different app in order to compare products and the best deals and locations to find those products.
Having a mobile site can actually attract buyers to your physical store. Many people who use a smartphone will end up visiting a store after they have done their initial research and visited its mobile site.
What is the best way to maximise your mobile site? 

Add as much information as you possibly can in a prominent location on your website. Your opening hours and any current promotions should be one of the first things that your visitors see. It is always useful to include a map application so that visitors can find you more easily.

  • Your mobile site should display well on a variety of devices.
  • Ensure your site simple so that it will function effectively across all mobile platforms.

Mobile SEO

Your mobile site should be search engine optimised similarly to your regular site so that it appears near the top of the search engines. By adding a click to call phone number option, users can automatically contact you while they visit your site.

Do you need a mobile website?

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