4 Top Tips for Website Redesign

Website Redesign - Your Essential Checklist 

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” 
Paul Cookson

Redesign to Grow Your Profits Online

Today, a website is a key tool for every business. Your website will work most effectively - when it is regularly updated to incorporate the latest technology advances and design styles.

Now is the time to consider a website redesign if your site has not been upgraded for 2-3 years. Things have changed considerably since your website was built, and mobile and social technology has greatly impacted on how websites are utilised today. With the rapid growth of mobile browsing, offering your visitors a consistent mobile viewing experience - across multiple devices and platforms - is essential. 

Addressing these changes today can help to keep your website competitive tomorrow and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. 

When you are ready to redesign your website, this is an important checklist - essential for your success.

1. Choose the Right Content

Depending on the niche you are in, it is important to provide your visitors with more information that ever before. 

More people are using their mobile devices and have the ability to get information instantly. If they can not find it on your website, they will certainly look somewhere else. Add relevant content to your website that will keep your visitors onsite long enough to make the decision to purchase. if you owned a tee shirt business for example, rather than have only products on your website it is vital you have sizing charts, and manufacturer specs to people them choose the right shirts.

2. Use Responsive Technology

Today, over 80% of Australians own a mobile phone, and 50% of those users have smartphones. 

More people than ever before are viewing your website from their mobile devices. This means your website needs to convert well across every device and every platform for maximum effectiveness. A responsive website incorporates this technology with seamless cross platform compatibility. A fully responsive web design delivers a quality experience to every website visitor - whether viewing on smartphones, iPad and tablets, or desktop computers.

A responsive website is your best chance of staying ahead in this fast moving world.

3. Optimise Load Times

People demand information quickly. Without a fast loading website - your customers will not stay for long. Invest in a quality website with information rich pages that are optimised for fast load times to enhance engagement and build conversion.

4. Refine Your Style

Modernise your online experience.

Opt for a polished and professional web design that represents your brand effectively, builds trust and incorporates consistent calls to action. Inspire you audience to reach out and contact you will easy to use online forms and social integration.

These few tips could have a long lasting and positive effect on how effectively your website works for the people who matter most - your customers.


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