5 Top Tips to Use When Hiring a Web Developer

5 Tips for Finding the Best Web Developer for Your Project

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs, 2003

When you need to grow your business online - finding the right web developer is crucial.

Keep in mind that your web developer will be presenting your brand to the world; and this is how your customers will know you online.

Choosing the right web developer the first time is very important. You must locate a developer who works for your company's best interests, whilst striving to achieve the following key goals : growing your brand, converting visitors and increasing your profits.

Here are the top five tips when locating a web developer for your website.

1. Matching Personalities

The person that is developing your website will be in close contact with you throughout the development process. You are going to be bouncing ideas off each other, and spending considerable time creating and refining your project.

Working with a person who has similar characteristics to you will make this process smoother. If you find a web developer who works at a different tempo to yourself - you will experience frustration.

Look for someone who shares your personality traits and you are off to a great start.

 2. A Trial Project

A good idea is to trial the web developer with a smaller project like a blog or designing a profile on a social media website.

You will get a feel for how fast they work, how they correspond with you, and the overall quality of their work this way. If you are happy with the working relationship and outcomes, move them on to a bigger project or proceed to building your website.

3. Willingness to Learn

The digital technology industry is constantly changing; what was popular last year is out this year. Finding a web developer who is specialised in one specific area might be a problem because those skills might not help to keep your website competitive from year to year.

Look for someone to develop your website who is quickly able to adapt and learn new skills as technology evolves. You can find out if they possess this skill by simply asking them what new skills have they acquired, what new programs have they learned, and which emerging technologies are applicable to your project.

4. Take Your Time

Take your time when hiring a new web developer.

Once you have made a decision regarding who to work with - commit to that relationship for the duration of your project. Changing developers mid project is never recommended.

Ensure that clear goals and milestones are established and maintain a close communication throughout your project to ensure milestones are achieved. Ask questions. Explore alternative designs. Work to establish a true partnership - where all stakeholders are unified to achieve the highest outcomes - on time and on budget.

5. Stay for the Long Term

A quality web developer is a valuable long term partner in the success of your business online.

Once you find a web developer who is dedicated to realising your goals; continue to work with them long term - as your business grows and technology changes over time.

When the right team comes together - the sky is truly the limit!

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