Small Business Web Design 101

4 Ways to Boost The Effectiveness of Your Small Business Website

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing." 
Paul Ryan

Build Your Business Online

The internet has made it simple for just about anybody to build a website in virtually no time at all. The problem is that these websites are simply taking up real estate and do not provide a very good user experience. The aim of any business website must be to genuinely engage the target audience, provide relevant information and encourage conversion. 

Planning for Online Success

Here are a few things you must consider before building a new website for your small business.

1. What Do You Want?

Determining precisely what you want your visitors to do when they enter your website - is a key consideration in the preliminary building stage. 

If your only goal is to build a mailing list, then the homepage of your website must have an easy to use newsletter sign up box that is clearly visible and conveys that message perfectly. 

The call to action is how you reach that desired result, so before you begin - it is important to know exactly what you want your visitors to do when they find your website.

2. How Can Your Business Stand Out?

One of the key elements in the designing phase is deciding what separates your business from the competition - and then telling the world. This will inform your web design brief. 

Your message needs to be conveyed in a way that attracts customers to your business in a good way. Be positive - focus on where your business excels and use that as your point of interest. 

By focusing on the strengths of your business, you proactively build your brand while emphasising key points of difference. Your website visitors should be immediately aware of what makes your company the best in your industry.

3. How Much Money and Time Can You Commit?

If your website is going to look professional - and really work to build your business online - it is going to need commitment and dedication to achieve this outcome.

Consider your website as a direct extension of your business. It should align closely to your brand and represent your message consistently and clearly throughout.

An experienced web designer - who can help to portray your business in a professional manner -  is your best option for attracting more customers. 

4. Putting All the Pieces Together

Now that you are headed in the right direction, it is important to take into consideration a few of the following elements. 

  1. Your website content - Ensure that your your content reads well. The goal is to help your visitors to easily learn about your products and services. Content should be organised in a way that makes the website flow and must never appear too cluttered. 
  2. Keep it simple - Simplicity is always best it comes to the overall web design. Prioritise your audience with a user centric design solution. 
  3. Calls to Action - Make it easy for people to take the next step. Use calls to action prominently throughout your site to maximise lead generation.
  4. Customer Testimonials - Testimonials are a great way to showcase your success and to build trust with prospects.
  5. Blog - Keep your customers up to date with the latest information regarding your business and your industry. A regularly updated blog is a great way to keep visitors engaged over the long term with returning regularly to visit your site.

The right website solution for your business has the potential to add significantly to your bottom line.

Grow your business online with a high converting web design that connects with your unique target audience.


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