Top 12 Small Business Web Design Tips

12 Key Elements of a Highly Converting Small Business Website

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” Robert L. Peters 

A high performance website is a key asset for every business. 

An engaging website that connects with your target audience - can determine whether a potential customer chooses to browse and shop or simply move on to one of your competitor's websites. 

Understanding what goals you have for your website during the design phase can help you to create a website that attracts more visitors and gets more sales. 

Here are the top twelve small business web design tips that will transform your website into a top lead generation tool.

1. The Branding

Building trust with potential visitors starts with an attractive and professional logo. Your logo is the visual foundation of your brand. Keep it simple with the colours and the graphics, making certain that your key business message is incorporated into the design.

2. Keep it Simple

When a potential customer arrives on your website homepage, within five seconds they know if they are going to stay or hit the back button and look elsewhere. One of the biggest reasons for customers to leave is a lack of user friendliness. Ensure that your website is easy to use and well organized.

3. Clean Graphics

Do not overload your homepage with too many graphics or you risk losing potential buyers. Include only well designed and relevant visual designs and images, but remember that less is more.

4. Easy to Read Fonts

Use fonts that you have already incorporated in your brand guidelines and logo to help keep your message consistent. Ensure that additional fonts are clean and easy to read. Remember that legibility is paramount. Some visitors can find certain fonts difficult to see and understand. 

5. Page Content

Make certain that your page has at least 200 or more words of relevant content that is sprinkled in with niche related keywords to maximise search engine optimisation. Keep the font of the text simple and easy to read. Break up the content with bold text, bullet points, numbered lists, and hyperlink anchor text to other pages on your website. Aim to engage your audience with useful information that is well presented.

6. Contact Information

You might be surprised to know that 50% of small business websites do not clearly place their contact information on the homepage. This is extremely important if you want a customer to feel comfortable that they can reach you when they have questions and concerns.

7. The Search Button

People who visit your website for the first time want to get the information they need instantly - or they will go elsewhere. Make it easy for them to find the content they need with a search bar at the top of each page or in the footer.

8. Navigation

The site map on your website tells both your visitors and the search engine spiders about all the pages of content within the website. Update the site map if you are adding or deleting pages frequently.

9. Icons and Calls to Action

Custom designed icons - that are styled to co-ordinate with your brand and design guidelines - add visual impact to every webpage. Icons are a great way to promote links and downloads throughout your site. Encourage immediate response with clear calls to action that motivate people to get started now.  

10. Quality Images

If you are selling products on your website, use multiple images that give the most detail as possible. People appreciate detailed visual information. This may be the only thing that helps a customer decide on making the purchase or not.

11. Relevant Content

To attract the search engine spiders and get new traffic often, you must add fresh and relevant content to you website often. Make a regularly updated blog a key priority in your web marketing strategy.

12. Interaction with Customers

Keep your customers engaged by giving them the opportunity to take part in surveys, leave comments, rate products, and leave reviews on services they have utilised from your website. 

Maximise your opportunity online with a high converting website - that is customised to meet the needs of the people you know best - your customers.


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