8 Top Design Tips For A Brilliant Business Card

by Saul Edmonds

8 Top Business Card Design Essentials

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8 Ways to Create a Compelling Business Card

With just about everyone connected digitally to the world, you may wonder why it is that when you attend a networking event or similar - you still come home with a pile of business cards.

While social media websites have replaced the Rolodex, how is it possible that the business card continues to survive successfully in our digital world?

Business cards have been the go-to advertising medium for over a century, and they continue to be more than essential in the unforeseeable future.

Your business card will help you to create those offline connections that can grow your business, but you have to have a compelling card in order for it to have any power.

Here are 8 ways to create a more compelling business card and leave that lasting first impression.

1. Including Your Social Presence

With everyone interacting on social media platforms, it is important that you place at least one of your social addresses on your business card. This will give first time customers and industry associates the opportunity to review you and your business. This enables them to make an informed decision about the quality of your business, services and products. 

2. Keeping it Simple

Don't add superfluous detail to your business card. Remember, a cluttered card can be a challenge to read. Less is always more.

With regard to social media addresses - limit yourself to one or two at most. Choose the social platform where you spend the most of your time - that way, if someone reaches out to you on your social page - you can get back to them in a timely manner.

3. Add Your Website URL

Make it easy for people to find your business online. Your website is full of information about your products and services. Promote the homepage url of your website on your business card. Help people take the step to reach out and connect with you online. 

4. Use Your Logo To Stand Out From The Crowd

Your logo is the heart of your business card. If you are considering updating your logo - or if you are starting out in businesses - aim for a logo design that stands apart from the others in your industry.

Ideally, a logo makes a statement about you, your company and your goals. It describes your business and your core values in visual terms. Dig deep to find exactly what your company is all about, then incorporate that message into the logo.

Your logo, or branding, must be easily identifiable and unique.

A professional graphic designer will work with you closely to create a tailored logo design that best represents your company.

5. Getting Them Curious

Spark interest by adding some unique content on your business card.

Try to think outside of the box.

Aim to motivate people to want to learn more about your business, services and products. Generate interest to foster engagement. They key here is to inspire people to take action.

6. Linking Both Worlds

If you want to take your business card to the next level, link both your online and offline worlds. The business card can be the perfect bridge that will allow your contacts to connect directly to your web page. Include a QR code on your business card to facilitate this process.

7. The Call to Action

Your business card should be considered as a call to action.

Rather than print a large run of one card, consider smaller runs where cards are tailored to target specific events. Take these cards to the trade show or networking seminar, they will have a much bigger impact than a standard set of cards.

Again, taking the time to think outside of the box - and getting inspired is the key.

Holidays, events, personal stories and more - can fuel a unique business card solution that will enable you to use your business card in new and innovative ways. The sky is the truly the limit here. 

8. The Card Utility

There are ways to really take your business card to the next level if you are creative and think outside the box. Add a spiral binding and some pages, and your card is now a mini-brochure.

There are so many ways a business card can be used to grow your opportunity. Make the most of your business card to really make an impression - and win more leads.


At Roundhouse, we understand how a great business card can make a lasting impression. Take your business card design to the next level with a strategic solution that gets you the attention you deserve. If you would like to discover innovative ways to make more of your business card, please call us for a friendly chat.

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7 Ways to Get More Business from your Business Card

by Saul Edmonds

Every business person has a business card.

Yet only a few make the most of this inexpensive promotional tool. As business cards cost only a few cents each to produce, the ROI is potentially very rewarding. To yield this investment you must be proactive and get your business card working for you. 

Read on for our 7 Top Tips on how use your business card more effectively for greater return.

7 Ways to Make the Most of your Business Card

1. To Give and Receive

Share your card freely. Whenever you engage with or meet someone - be it at a business event or social function - take the opportunity to ask for their card. Most people will reciprocate - and an exchange of cards occurs effortlessly between parties.

2. Pay Attention

When someone offers you a business card - accept graciously and take the time to read it, front and back. Look at the image, logo or company name. Read the address and other contact info. Comment or ask questions where appropriate. This is an opportunity to build greater understanding between yourself and the card giver.

3. At the Ready

Keep cards on hand at all times. Store some in your wallet, in your car, at the office, at home.

An additional investment in a special card wallet or holder ensures that your card remains in pristine condition for distribution at all times.

4. A Blank Space

If appropriate, consider having additional business cards printed that leave one side intentionally blank. This provides a space to write a name, note or idea. This blank space enables the card to be customised as needed, adding meaning and importance when used in the right circumstance.

5. Promote Everywhere

Give people the chance the see your business card at every available opportunity. Pin it to local bulletin boards at the supermarket, sporting club or school. Attach a card to every written correspondence (even bills!) and in every product shipped. Why not have cards printed for all employees to enable them to spread the word throughout their networks.

6. Add Value to your Card

Find ways to make your card useful. Include a calendar, relevant industry information, conversion charts - that extend the functionality of your card. Take the time to think of innovative ideas that will assist in card retention among your clients.

7. The Winning Edge

A card featuring a professional, customised design is always preferred. A uniquely designed card will ensure you stand out from others. Good design is always a good investment - but it need not be expensive. Roundhouse offers an affordable business card design and printing service.

Taking steps to make the most of your business card will ensure that your network of associates continues to grow. 

Effectively utilising your business card makes good business sense. Call Roundhouse and get started today!

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