Great Ways To Get More Business From Your Network

by Saul Edmonds

Top Tips for Getting More Referrals from Your Business Network

        In sales, a referral is the key to the door of resistance.

        Bo Bennett

Get Connected To Grow Your Business

If you are searching for potential partners or new clients, referrals are the best possible way to generate new leads and get connected with professional people.

If you (and your business) are introduced to a prospect via a respected and trusted member of your personal network  - the outcome will always be more favourable than if you had simply contacted that prospect via a cold call.

  • These types of introductions are known as referrals.

  • They produce significantly better quality leads.

Here are the top tips for increasing the quality and quantity of those referrals you receive from your networking.

Displaying Value

The introduction should have value for all three parties involved. The person referring you, yourself, and the person you were referred to.

Both you and the business contact will add value to each other, whereas the referrer gains respect and builds more goodwill between the parties.

There has to be a benefit for all parties involved for the process to work effectively.

One of the ways to increase these high value introductions is to make those people involved with the introductions feel more confident about those introductions. If you do not deliver on your promises, you make the referrer look bad, and this could spill over into future referrals. If you are exceeding the expectations of the people that you are introduced to, this puts that person in a better light and makes them more likely to refer you in the future. This helps to improve their reputation, something they would certainly welcome. 

Being Helpful

If you can find unique ways to add some value to your network without expecting things back in return, you can increase the overall moral of the group.

When you are doing things for others in your group without expecting a return, it can become contagious. These people will naturally want to pay back the favour in their own way, and that could be by providing you more referrals than ever before.

As you help other people in the network, the group grows stronger, allowing everyone to enjoy the possibility of increased referrals down the road.

By sharing your advice, skills, or services, you encourage others to find ways to build up the strength of the group as a whole. When more people in the group are enjoying a higher referral rate, the group as a whole simply grows.

Asking For Help

You can't get something that you really want unless you find the way to ask for it.

If you simply ask for a referral, you would be surprised by how many people are willing to come forth and help you. People are not mind readers, and no one really knows how well your business is doing unless they work for you in some capacity.

By asking for help, you allow others to see that you might be struggling and could use the assistance. If you tell them that you are looking to meet new potential clients, and be specific with the instructions, you could increase your referrals tremendously. Make sure that you are clear about the types of introductions you are looking for. If you can zero in on specific companies that you would like to target, those with right connections will be in the best position to help.

Meeting New People

Try to cast a net as far as you can so that you are no more that two connections away from meeting those contacts you dream about.

By putting in the effort and time to build a strong network, you can surround yourself with those who have the power to make things happen. Attending networking events and seminars, then asking for introductions, and reaching out when the time is right, all things that will strengthen the group as a whole.

The bigger you can make your network, the more chances you have at getting high quality referrals.

Maintaining Relationships

Always make certain to stay on the radar of your contacts.

  • Sending them relevant advice, information, and introductions, will help to keep you fresh on their mind.

Use social media to interact with all your contacts, and focus on communicating at least once a month if you want to increase your overall referral rate. This way your name is always fresh on everyone's mind.


At Roundhouse, we have learnt through personal experience that networking is a reliable and rewarding way to grow your business. Networking is a great way to build meaningful connections with other businesses, prospects and your industry peers. If you would like to learn more about how to use the power of personal networking to grow your business, please call us for an informal chat.

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5 Strategic Ways to Convert Your First Customer

by Saul Edmonds

How to Get Your First Customer And Give Your Business A Flying Start

Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job-hunting you have a large network to work with.
Erik Qualman

How to Find Your Very First Customer

The difference between a start-up company and a start-up idea is the paying customers.

Some of the first customers to buy your products or services are a very rare breed indeed. They do not need to read testimonials in order to jump aboard, they are sympathetic to mistakes, and they are extremely patient. These are customers who are willing to pay for your product or service, even though you do not have any track record of sales and lack any experience.

Depending on the products or services you sell, here are 5 unique ways that you can entice your first customer to make a purchase with you.

1. Using All Your Relationships

Making cold calls when you are first in business is extremely difficult.

It is even more of a challenge to sell something that is either brand new or innovative.

The key to getting that first sale is to meet with people who have some sort of connection with you. Make a list of all the associates that you have even crossed paths with, and these will be your first prospects when it comes to reaching out to find your first customer.

Use your existing relationships that have any connection to the business world. If you can get introduced to just one business owner who is sympathetic to your journey, you could be well on your way to your first business sale.

2. Seek Out Your Prospect's Network

Try to find someone who has a relationship with a person you are trying to connect with, and make that person someone you meet or introduce yourself to.

Use this person as a recommendation when you muster up the strength to send your first client a message. Simply drop the name in the letter as you would an acquaintance.

Communicate in a friendly manner and see if you can arrange a meeting with them at a later date. 

3. Focus on the Positive

When you speak with a person who has the potential to become your first customer, be ready to answer their questions in a positive manner.

If the questions focus around how long you have been in business or how many customers do you currently have, answer them in a positive way. Instead of real world customers, use the personal recommendations of family and friends. Take the focus off the fact you are still new in the industry. By accentuating the positive, you promote confidence and professionalism.

4. Creating Credible Partnerships

In the beginning, you have no professional credibility or referrals.

This is the time to use the credibility of a trusted company to help you to get your first customer.

Look for organisations that your potential customers already trust - perhaps a company or brand that they are familiar with. Now contact those companies and offer your services or products free of charge - in exchange for a public endorsement. You might be surprised how effective this is when you are first starting out in business.

5. Become Your Own Expert

Early in the game when you do not have any sort of track record - the next best thing is being an expert in your industry. Once a potential customer begins to trust you as an industry expert, they are closer than ever to making a purchase from you.

Develop real world experience so you can walk the walk after you talk the talk. Then once you have developed your expertise, get to Facebook and Twitter and tell the world. 

Once you get that first customer, it will literally breathe life into your future efforts.


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