The 6 Keys for Effective Mobile Marketing

6 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.”
Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Nine out of every ten Australians has a mobile phone.

At least half of these phones are smartphones. 

That brings us to the key question : What is your business currently doing to reach these people - who are spending a significant part of their day browsing the internet via mobile? 

If your company currently doesn't have a mobile marketing strategy, now is the time to consider one. 

Here are the six keys for creating an effective mobile marketing strategy. 

1. Creating Specific Goals

The goals of your mobile marketing strategy need to be in line with your business plan. The main strategy for effective mobile marketing is twofold. Aim to sell more products and services, and to build brand awareness for your company.

The core goal is to increase traffic to your brick and mortar storefront or main website. A well executed mobile strategy can extend to the delivery of faster customer support and the promotion of real time specials. 

2. Create a Mobile App

People simply love downloading free mobile apps that help them to make their lives a little easier. Design a mobile app for your website that gives customers a fast and easy way to browse your inventory, ask questions, book appointments and learn more information about your business.

Provide customers with a lightning fast way to shop while on the move. The easier you make it for the buyers to engage, the more likely they are to share and refer your business to their inner circle.

3. Reward Customers

Why not offer your customers a reward for shopping via their mobile device?

Set up a rewards program or a unique promo code that gives them a special discount for shopping through your mobile app. This can also help to increase your brand awareness as more people begin sharing that promo code on their social media profiles. 

4. Broadcast Your Message

The messages you send to customers via email does not always translate well on different mobile devices. The mobile platform can really change the way an image looks, and the download time can be extremely long. Use your mobile app to broadcast your message and update your audience in real time.

5. Optimise Your Content for Mobile

Mobile users want information instantly and will not wait patiently for downloads. Your website needs to be optimised for mobile viewing. It must load quickly and be compatible across all mobile devices. 

6. The Easy Way Out

If you want the consumer to really appreciate your business, give people the opportunity to opt out of your messages. The perfect mobile experience includes ensuring your customers can op out of messages easily. People will appreciate your company for this.

Are You Optimised for Mobile Success?

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