How To Build Success With Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing Should be at the Heart of Your Online Marketing Strategy 

“Content marketing is all about telling a compelling story.”

- Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

Smarter Content Marketing

There is a shift taking place online.

Online marketing is undergoing a transformation.  

Not long ago, search Engine Optimisation was a key method to drive targeted traffic to websites. Companies utilised SEO techniques to rank higher in the search engines. Recent Google algorithm updates significantly have changed ranking factors. However, older SEO techniques that used to work - that relied primarily on link building using low quality content -  have ceased to be effective. Many websites are literally falling off the top pages in the organic search results. 

From this - a new type of marketing has emerged.

Today, the most effective way to market your business website is via content marketing. 

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing involves such activities as regular blogging and content updates across social channels. It involves the creation and distribution of relevant, targeted information for your niche audience. The goal is to engage customers long term and motivate positive action. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why content marketing should be at the heart of your online marketing strategy. 

SEO Has Changed

The SEO strategies that were effective only a few years ago are no longer getting the desired results for businesses. The latest rounds of algorithm changes have seem to have placed less relevance on low quality articles.

Websites that achieve results in the search engines are doing so by utilising high quality and relevant content as the secret to their success. Content marketing is now the focus of most SEO campaigns designed to get the websites to the first pages of the search results for a variety of key terms.

Aim to Engage Your Audience

More people than ever before are utilising mobile devises to access the internet. People are spending more time online and are becoming more engaged with the websites that they visit. If your content is both relevant and fresh, you can expect visitors to return more frequently. 

The key to effective content marketing is to stop focusing on the search engines. Focus instead on your customers - and give your readers information that is fresh, relevant and unique. Include articles, images, ebooks, downloads and technical content as part of your content strategy. This will help to position your company as an industry leader, and ensure people to come to rely on you as a trusted expert.

Take Advantage of Social Sharing

Social sharing boosts the reach of every content marketing campaign. 

As more people read your content, more people share your content. 

Your visitors are spending more time on their social media websites. If your content is engaging, it is more likely that people will share that information. Sharing your content can give your web pages and website an instant boost in the search rankings. If only one person found an article on your website useful and shared it via their social media channels, that article could be shared and viewed by hundreds if not thousands of new visitors overnight.

Make Content Marketing Your #1 Priority

Shift your focus to content marketing.

Your consumers understand how to quickly identify an article that can help them with a problem, and address it in a timely manner. Reach out to your audience with engaging content that meets their needs.


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