What's the Right Way to Talk to Graphic Designers?

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Graphic Designer

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.
Peter Drucker

From Idea to Winning Result

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to graphic design if - getting the idea in your head - to the designer and onto paper effectively.

Not being able to communicate with your designer can turn a simple idea into a long tedious and laborious process.

Your job is to effectively help the designer and their team to better understand exactly what the idea is.

Here are some effective ways in which you as the client can help the graphic designer to better complete the task at hand.

Speaking Up Early

If you want the finished product to be exactly what you envisioned, you need to speak up early and frequently with the graphic designer. The most frustrating part for the graphic designer is getting to the end of the project and finding out an issue is now arisen that could have been easily handled much earlier in the process. By speaking up more often, those changes can be implemented along the way, saving time and resources for everyone involved.

Look over each draft you receive from the art team, and clearly make any adjustments in the follow up meetings. If you don't tell the design team anything, they will never know that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Being More Specific

If you want the finished product to be more in line with your original designs, you have to give input to the design team that is specific. Telling them something doesn't look right is too general and leaves it up to the interpretation of the artist.

Be specific as possible and give examples if you can. If the font is not what you envisioned, have a few samples of fonts that you like on hand. This will help to get your message into the designers head more easily.

Rather than telling the graphic design team that something needs to pop, tell them you want this specifically done.

Focus on Improvements, Not on Mistakes

Most people in the world of design are very thick skinned. They have to be able to accept criticism in order to create projects in line with their clients needs. While they are in an industry that is receptive to being critiqued, you do not want to get on their bad side by focusing on mistakes and calling their judgement into question. There is no reason to take this low road when you can focus on the high road.

Consider your designer as a trusted team member, and use discretion when discussing things you need changed. Simply make a suggestion to a different style or picture and move on.

Pay Close Attention to the Designer

If your graphic design has some input on changes they feel will better the project, listen carefully to what they have to say. This is how you get to be inside the designer's head and learn more about limitations and the process involved. The design team has been doing this sort of work for many years. They are in a better position to tell you when a font, style, or color is not going to be as effective with an audience as another choice would be.

Allow them to use their experience to help along the project, and continue asking for their input as to why these changes need to be implemented.

Giving Your Graphic Designer a Little Freedom

When it comes to graphic designer, those artists are dealing with customers from every end of the spectrum. Some customers bring too little ideas to the table, while others bring such specific ideas there is no room to wiggle. If the design team comes back with a draft that is different that your original idea, don't dismiss it right out of the gate.

Allow the team to explain why they chose this direction and how it could be beneficial to the overall project. 

Final Thoughts

If you can approach your designer in a more personable manner and allow them some flexibility, you will be amazed how the final product will look. Take the time to stay involved, offering helpful tips along the way so the project does stay on the right course, but at the same time allowing the designers some flexibility.


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